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Re: “Why Some of our Friends and Neighbors Voted Differently” by Michael Hogan (January 2021)

Dear Editor:

In this very divisive time in the US, where Democrats not only disagree with Republicans and Republicans disagree with Democrats, but when they actively hate each other, it is a breath of fresh air to read Hogan’s measured assessment of why 71 million Americans voted for Trump. For those who hate Trump, the mere mention of his name brings on an automatic response of disgust, thus making it all but impossible to actually discuss his fraught four years of office. The truth is that respect for the office of the president of the United State of America ceased to exist when he took office and it didn’t really matter whether he accomplished anything or not.

Having legitimately earned the presidency in 2016, he then had to endure the “Russiagate” scandal, that ultimately came to nothing, the attempt to impeach him, which also came to nothing, and through it all, he still had to try and govern and achieve something for his country. As Hogan points out, he did meet some of his goals. Presumably for the 71 million who voted for him in November of 2020, they did not find him to be a disgrace and indeed wanted him for a second term. Calling these supporters by “deplorable” names, turning a blind eye to their needs which they believed he might still be able to meet if he remained in office for a second term, is ruthless to say the least.

Much evidence has been shown that the election was [Ed. Note: allegedly] rigged and massive voter fraud [Ed. Note: allegedly] occurred in certain jurisdictions. It was the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear the case, based on a technicality over which they had no jurisdiction. They did not say that there was no evidence of voter fraud, something that has occurred before in the US elections. Had it not, Al Gore would not have lost the presidential race in 2000 to George W. Bush. The big difference between Gore’s loss and Trump’s is that Gore conceded quietly, whereas Trump has not.

From Gabrielle Blair

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