2010 Community Awards May 3, 2011


In 1988 El Ojo del Lago sponsored the first community awards to honor those who have so generously contributed their time, talents and often a part of their own good fortunes to the community during the previous year. Tod Jonson co-founded the award ceremonies and according to Tod, the Chapala government assumed sponsorship in the early 1990s.

Following a two-year break in service, this 21st year’s bilingual ceremony was supported by private parties within the Mexican community and sponsored by the Municipality of Chapala Pleasantly, it seemed that half the audience was Mexican. One of the officials present was Congressman Sr. Hector Alvarez from the State of Jalisco, based in Mexico City. Another Mexican official talked about the blending of cultures in this unique community and how valuable the contributions are of those who live here and care about their neighbors. Tod Jonson spearheaded the entire project, acting as MC too.

Shown here are those who won engraved crystal trophies:

Man of the Year – Penny Reynolds accepted posthumously for husband Loren Reynolds for his 8 years with the Chili Cook-off


Woman of the Year – Joan Frost, many Lakeside charities & Ajijic National Mexican Chili Cook-off

Couple of the Year – Rosemary & John Keeling renovation project for Auditorium

Project of the Year Anabel Frutos, Love in Action children’s shelter

Pioneer of the Year – Alejandro Grattan-Dominguez, founder of the Ajijic Writers Group


Female Student of the Year
Lily Barker with a 99+ average
Teacher of the Year
JoseFrancisco Cervantes Alvarez
Male Student of the Year
Luis Edgar Oliva Amezquita


Humanitarian of the Year
James Don for contributions to Niños y Jovenes


Environmental Award of Year
Todd Stong, Dr. Stong received a total of 10 awards, mostly from Mexican communities


Keeper of the Flame
Libby Townsend for 5 years
support of the Tarahumara


Lifetime Achievement of the Year Harry Wylie for his biographical work on Jack Kevorkian and the HBO movie made from that, “You Don’t Know Jack”


Restoration Award
Margaret Rose Quinn &
Lee Carson accept for the Garden Guild for their Wipe Out Graffiti


Cultural Achievement
Rosemary Keeling accepting for VIVA for their generous annual scholarships to music students


International Award
Dan McTavish accepting for
Tom Gladney for bringing us Scotiabank Northern Lights
Music Festival


There were two awards for which no photos are available:
Enhancement Award of the Year – Efren Gonzalez for the mural celebrating the 200 years of Mexican history displayed in the Chapala Municipal Building and Bill Wheat for his work with the Navy League.

Those organizations honoring members with
scrolls framed in glass selected winners:

Roberto Moulun
by Ajijic Writers Group


Luis Enrique Martinez Hernandez by Lake Chapala Society
Children’s Art Program


Reynol Contreras
Chapala Police Chief re Public Safety


Emmanuel Mendelez


Rich Peterson
Niños Incapacitados


Charlie Klestadt
Cruz Roja dedication

Jim Parker
Musical Appreciation Soc.

Perry King presents award to
the widow of Richard Clayton Crabtree – Shriners


Richard Bansback
Sawdust Award for Have Hammers Will Travel


Robert Salvatore
Rotary International
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