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By Victoria A. Schmidt



I feel as though we’ve become like moles, finally sticking our noses out of their burrows.  As more people get vaccinated, more people venture outside. Activities are being scheduled and we have more choices about where we can spend our time. There is almost a giddiness.

But we must also be very careful. There are still many people who have yet to be vaccinated. Many essential workers are in the younger age brackets and have not been vaccinated. So, the restrictions of masks and hand sanitizer and temperature checks are still all in play. And the Delta Variant is building in Mexico.

As groups get started again, it is good to ask a group leader, as there has been misinformation printed regarding times and venues. There are bound to be a few bumps along these roads.

And speaking of roads. Let us all take a moment for a long primal scream of frustration that is brought about when experiencing the Wal-Mart intersection. Ahhh, feel better? It will be different next week. You might want to try to go to Guadalajara. But there, too, are endless sections of change. Expect that anywhere you are going, you are going to need more time to get there.

There are many changes out there. In Chapala, there were at least four businesses right next to one another that just aren’t there anymore. I don’t know if it was the lack of business because of COVID, the lack of parking because of the ciclopista, or the rents went up. But it is pretty sad looking at that side of the street.

After being in quarantine, it’s good to see my friends who have made it through, so far. There are some people who still have not been able to get back into their country of origin, and I don’t know if the USA will let those of us vaccinated with SinoVac across the border.

But here I am prattling on about traffic and changes, and then there are stories on the television that put me to shame. Countries whose population are destitute. Countries with no food, little water, people who cannot get vaccines, who don’t even have homes and they feel grateful that their tent can provide a little shelter. And there are people who live in Mexico, the USA, and yes, even Canada who are similarly deprived. Keep these things in mind while we curse the courses we traverse each day.


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