Unsung Heroes

Jack Of All Trades

By Kathy Koches

 Chevy Hernandez

Severiano Chavarría Her-nández, or “Chevy” as   he is known to one and all, is truly an “unsung hero” here at Lakeside. He is a bi-lingual concierge, licensed guide and driver, caretaker, construction worker, roofer, home care giver, handyman and performs a host of other jobs as needed, while contributing to his community of San Antonio Tlayacapan. If he can’t do the job you need he will know someone who can.

Born in Ajijic and raised in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Chevy has been married to his lovely wife, Carmen for 32 years. They have three children, Lee, who is a professional trumpet player with Grupo Versatil, Lupita, who is a teacher and Danny, who is in college. They also have 3 grandchildren. I have known them for over 14 years, and was privileged to attend Lupita’s quinciñera and Chevy and Carmen’s 15th anniversary celebration. Chevy and Carmen are devout Catholics, who attend 7:30 am mass in San Antonio, and 9 am and 12 pm masses in Chapala every Sunday. They have sung in the Chapala choir since 1987.

Chevy grew up poor, and his father died when he was just 15. He took any and every job he could to help his mother provide for the family. He has always wanted to “give back” to the community that helped him in his youth.  He collects toys, shoes and blankets throughout the year and distributes them to the poor of his village during the posadas December 16-20 every year. If someone needs his services and cannot afford to pay, he will offer his services to them free of charge. Two of his clients, elderly ladies, had their pension cut and one had a stroke. He helps them with their daily needs and had a fund-raiser to help one get a pacemaker. He takes people to medical appointments and acts as a translator when needed and also has driven people to the border and to the beach.

For the past 25 years Chevy has gone up in the hills and collected branches to make Christmas decorations, which he sells. All profits go to help the poor in San Antonio. He also collects firewood for them.

In the future Chevy wants to be a delegado or perhaps run for mayor of San Antonio Tlayacapan. He wants the money collected in San Antonio to be used to improve things in San Antonio, such as improving the water and the soccer field.            

Chevy is one of the most caring and kind people I have had the pleasure of knowing, and I am proud to call him my amigo.


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