Profiling Tepehua

By Moonyeen King
President of the Board for Tepehua
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The Tepehua Community Center will probably close its doors for a while to protect its 400 or so registered families. Feeding up to 200 women and children every Friday is risking too many people’s health. The Medical Center will keep open to tend to the sick.  Our doctors and nurses are having constant meetings to be sure they are ready.

It was with regret we had to cancel the April fools event. For the tickets already sold and the donations that came in, we would like to thank all of you that told us to put the money where we will need it the most. For the rest, if you have a ticket you may still retrieve your monies from the Tepehua Treasures store, but YOU MUST present your ticket for refund.

Monies donated will be used for medication. If the village is infected we will need money for medications, not just for our people but for all the areas poor whose only access for help is Tepehua.

Hopefully, because of the isolation of many of the barrios, they may escape the Corona virus simply because the outside world of travelers do not come in contact with them. As we know, isolation is good.  There is no cure for this disease, but as the symptoms are like the flu, we can treat the symptoms to make the patient more comfortable, especially the children.

As the law and the landlords dictate, we have to pay the rent, so the Tepehua Treasures store will try to stay open even if it is sporadically, we are all volunteers and past the parental consent age, and we appreciate the regular visitors who always drop by for a chat and invariably buy something, but a few of us will drop out of the team for awhile so we will be short staffed, so Tepehua Elbow hugs only, they are free....the real hugs are in the heart.

The following month will dictate how we spend the next three months...we urge everyone to follow advice from Medical Teams...hygiene, distance and any event over fifty people. Village life will go on as usual, circumstance dictates to them what they can change in their routine. Which isn’t much.

Disease thrives in the poor residing in the cities...but in rural areas, we optimistically feel a little more secure. Keep living a full life but more tranquil.

Water is important, especially for the sick.  We are carrying on with the free potable water for the ‘at risk’ people and the very poor, with the exception that our driver pick up the empty bottles from the people direct and take it straight to the distributor for refilling for the next week.  The driver will have minimal contact with the center and the village.

This author’s beloved daughter visited, to check to see if the ageing parents were doing fine, and bought sprays for every orifice, hand, foot and every flat surface in between, entering a room bugs and flies fall lifeless around us...our friends keep double the distance required. Follow the sanitation rules and the schools and the bars will open in no time.

This too will pass.

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Column: Profiling Tepehua




Settled in Mexico 13 years ago.  The intention was to retire into the arts as a writer, poet and painter...that didn’t happen. Beneath the smiles of the peoples of Mexico there was such a great need for change, especially for the women and children of the barrios, Moonyeen has dedicated these years to change the face of this little corner of the world. The work done by the volunteers of the Tepehua Community Center is teaching that change is possible anywhere. Moonyeen was portrayed as “Woman of the Year,” also two Paul Harris Rotary awards for the work done at Tepehua.  “Life in Mexico is very fulfilling. The Mexican people give so much more to us immigrants than we can possible return.

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