By Margie Kean


Here I am, back again

And thoughts of you start flooding in,

I like reliving that special day

When, exhausted from the pounding waves

We stretched out on our blanket, warm sun poring over us

We drank it in

Salt water drip-dried on our skin

Leaving a fine silvery sheen

That I tasted on your neck, your lips,

You kissed it off my fingertips

While together we watched the surf run in.

Lace edged foam caressed the sand,

Stroked our feet, would touch, recede,

We felt the ocean’s stirring begin,

Swelling, diminishing, swelling again,

Building a wave that grew higher, high

Seeming to block out sun and sky

Until reaching its crest it hung there frozen

For one exquisite moment then

Crashed down, and with breath taking force

In frenzied abandon rushed to shore

Spritzers of foam, pushed ahead by the roller

Spent at last, ran slow slower

Fragmented sun sparkles bounced off the spray,

Danced on our eye lids that sweet summer day!

Together we watched the surf, then laughing, running,

Feet spanking sand

We threw ourselves on the breaking waves

Bathed in the drowning sun’s final rays,

Promising we’d come back again

Was the end beginning then?

I still come back

How many years?  I lose track

But mingled ashes, sand and sea

I feel you washing over me

And when the surf runs in

And nibbles my toes

I know it’s you,


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