No curtains opening and closing right now except for the deep, deep cleaning in places the audience never sees. It's been like, 'out of sight, out of mind,' but Hawkins and her board have addressed a task that needs to be done.
   One of the major improvements that will be appreciated is the finished flooring in the rehearsal hall. More and better exterior lighting, changing the placement of the ticket booth, and adding another day to performances are all subtle, but total up to significant changes.
   Visitors to lakeside are constantly amazed by the "big city" sophistication; not only of the theater itself, but by the performances themselves. True, not every stage show in every season will please 100% of the audience and there have been some sad experiments in the past, but on the whole, the selections are carefully thought out with every intention of pleasing the audience. Knowing firsthand, all the hard work that goes into getting a play from the audition stage to opening night, it is difficult for any reviewer to pan a play. What one person may be ecstatic over another might say boo-hiss. Even Broadway has its ups and downs and everyone from the ticket taker to the janitor gets PAID, be it a hit or a flop.
   Last season is over and everyone is looking forward to who will be doing what next season. Will it open with a strong play like "Miracle Worker" or will it be a rollicking comedy like "Social Security?" What will be the musical this year? Everything is green and go, the directors are in place, and all it needs is the seal of approval by the board when they meet later this month.
   Anya Flesh has been offered and has accepted a paying job to direct Gilbert and Sullivan's "Mikado" in Florida, Maybe Doug Livingston will step in to take her place directing a musical. He is a talented man and he and Anya have worked well together in the past. Anya will not be deserting us however, she is slated to direct a drama.
   Many fine directors and actors are no longer with us, their voices stilled; Mickey Church, Rocky Karns, Larry Grecov, just to name a few, but each stilled voice added something to the legacy of LLT and they would say in unison, "the show must go on."
Will she or won't she? Diane Wood is being wooed by several foreign lands to take a teaching position. If she leaves it will be a double whammy for not only is she a fine teacher, but she literally lights up the theater. Would she leave Marty behind? Of course not!.