Lake Watch

      Sociedad Amigos del lago de Chapala, A.C. extends a million thanks to the community for their support in achieving the goal of becoming candidates of the powerful Living Lakes organization. After one year the category should be upgraded to "Partnership" or "Members" of Living Lakes. During this year of candidacy, we will receive Living Lakes's technical aid and advice, as well as assistance in finding financial support.
      Environmental Secretary Victor Lichtinger has promised to work with NGO's to preserve the Lerma Chapala Basin. A document, signed by all the members of Living Lakes, was delivered to President Fox asking for his support. The famous 10-year plan is being improved. An environmental lawyer lodged an official complaint with NAFTA against the present administration for its lack of action on behalf of our dwindling lake. The Amigos del Lago Society is preparing new environmental projects you might enjoy getting involved in. Guadalajara is digging more wells and working on improving water distribution and treatment. A local entrepreneur took the first step for an ambitious project called "Lakefest," to bring international attention to the Chapala Riberas through the universal language of music, featuring world-famous bands. Farmers released as much water from their dams as they could, and promised to continue doing so in the future.
      In other words, there's a light at the end of the tunnel for Lake Chapala, and people are joining forces to see that it remains kindled.