By Vera Sommers

      When you go shopping in Guadalajara, do stop by Foro de Arte y Cultura, Av. Prolongación Alcalde #1451, to view the exposition "Lake Chapala, 'Ultima Llamada,'" ('Last Call'). Talented painters from Ajijic have achieved an impressive collection. I attended the inauguration last month, and was happy I did. Strolling throught the exhibit, viewers took in the lake's glorious past, still lovely present and potentially barren future.
     Two striking pictures provide good examples: Javier Zaragoza depicted the sad story of a fisherman without a catch, and Myrna Shreve painted the lake's last drop, emitted by a Guadalajara faucet. But the show is balanced by bright colors, mountains dancing across transluscent skies and loving portrayals of our still -beautiful Lake Chapala.
     Other artists participating in the show were José Duran, Dionisio Morales, Richard Warmowski, Margot Holaday, Brian Pimlott, Marianne Carlson, Judy Eager, Belva Velazquez, Nancy Ocrant, Maria Di Paola Blum, Sherwood Scheim, Ute Hagen, Xill Fessenden, Elsa Malka, Javier Ramos, Antonio Cárdenas, Victor Romero, Efrén González, Isidro Xilonzochitl Xilotl, and Miguel Nuñez.