Activity Lakeside

      Pouring rain did not daunt guests attending one of the best parties of the off season. At a celebration to open their new plush animal clinic next to the Animal Shelter, Doctors Ladron provided hors d'oeuves, wine, beer, margaritas and even Bailey's and cream! Topping it off was live music by the popular Ellis Island band.

      The good news from CASA is you can still win a "BING" this year. It only takes three 1st place entries, and BING recipients often win in December. In mid-September, CASA held their meeting at La Jolla del Lago. For information on visiting a meeting or joining CASA please contact Linda Brown at 766-1027 (e-mail:

      Dance or just enjoy listening all the great music going on in town: La Flor de Cordoba now has Noe and the Classics, the South of the Border Gang, Alexis (Cuban music), the Fat Cats and Mario Mendoza. Melanie's has Noe too, Carol Bedford and Ron Baker team up at La Bodega, and Mario's Trattoria hired Ellis Island for October. Sandy Vandermeer, David Ramos and Roberto Cerda are at La Floresta del Frances. There's just no excuse not to boogie around here!

      Last Friday the 13th Trudie Nelson hosted the popular LEF craft fair, organized by Eileen Bednarz. By all reports, it was a dazzling display of art, crafts, pastries and collection pieces. All proceeds went to the Lakeside Education Fund.