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Founded in 1987
Hidalgo #223
Chapala, Jalisco,
Mexico 45900
Tels. (376) 765-2877,
Fax (376) 765-3528










































































































































Tod Jonson
Ektor Carranza

November 2007

   1. When the late Robert, and our own Ruth Merrimer, were filming documentaries on México, the Merrimers produced one cassette/VCR which contained the films they shot on Puerto Vallarta and the Yucatan. Thinking it would never get lost, they made only one copy. Once Ruth moved back to Palm Springs, she set about searching for the VCR to show to new friends and discovered she did not have it. Ruth cannot remember to whom she has loaned the VCR before leaving Ajijic. May I please ask whoever might have the VCR to please return it to Tod, and I will see it reaches her as quickly as possible.  
Please contact Tod at LCS any morning.
   2.  Veterans’ Day, November 11:  Thirteen local and international organizations will join together to pay homage to our military heroes who are at rest in the newly walled-in Chapala Cemetery. Our mayor, Lic. Degollado, will be included on the dais with U.S. Consul General Edward J. Ramotowski, Florence Mickaloski (DAR, Guadalajara Chapter, producer), Air Force Association of Canada, American Legions Post # 7 and #9, Axixic Masonic Lodge #31, Irish Society, Lake Chapala Council Navy League, Lake Chapala Shrine club, Lake Chapala Society, Red Cross, Rotary Club, Sons of the Revolution (México Chapter) and Sons of the American Revolution.
   Let’s play spouse: Nancy Kendrik led the pack of altar hunters when she and LLT spearhead Clarence Sevy married earlier this year. Now altar bound is the wildly popular Lorraine Keefer and John Marshall who will tie the knot in late December just in time to start the New Year right! 
   3. The Air Force Association of Canada has a Wing with over 50 members who meet in Ajijic. The Wing provides an opportunity for aviation-minded people to meet, share experiences and renew old friendships. Potential new members are encouraged to attend our meetings and decide if they are interested in joining the one and only aviation enthusiasts club at Lakeside.  If you were a member of the RCAF or have a background in Canadian Military or Civilian Aviation and are interested in learning more about 904 (Lake Chapala-Mexico) Wing, call: Bob Rowlatt at 766-1717 or Peter DeTracey at 766-2054. Recently, famous artist John Prichard donated one of his extraordinary paintings to the Club as a gift to say thank you for being in the world of men and women who shared their lives in the air.

   Canadian Day Thanksgiving Dinner 2007 at the American Legion Post #7, Ladies Auxiliary talent, Susannah Kelly, are organizing a dinner party that would make the Prime Minister of Canada burst with pride. If you miss this Thanksgiving dinner, you will miss one of the really great meals.
   6.  Chapala artist Myrna Shreve finished a portrait of Ektor Carranza taken from an old photograph that is losing its life, but it gained a new life through the hands of this phenomenal talent. Ektor was in his mid-twenties at picture-taking time, which remains the only record of that period.  Few people are aware of Myrna Shreve’s ability to capture a life and put it into a time capsule. Myrna has a gallery and lives across the street from the American Legion Post #7, in Chapala.

   8.  ‘Hat’s Amore!!!  The key word in accessories for women this fall seems to be one word: Hats.  RED HATS here at Lakeside are in full fashion as they have been for many years. Along with the BAD GIRLS group, they are two standout clubs that sometimes leaves this valley breathless in a most delightful way. With “Red Hats” imagination the girls certainly didn’t go searching for thrift-shop economy with feeble effectiveness.   

   9.  BLESS THE BEASTS: On October 7th there were blessing events all over this valley honoring St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals, who believed that all creatures reflect God’s love. Blessing of the Animals was celebrated in every church this year showing a higher form of concern over our pets and animals in general. Although humans preside over church blessing services, it’s really our animals that bless us with their unconditional love. Animals are very sensitive to people’s emotional states. If people are sad or troubled, pets pick up on that.  

   10. Steven Miller has captured Mother Nature all dressed up!  On the grounds of the Lake Chapala Society you will find the widest variety of flowers that grow at Lakeside.  A major effort is being shown by the LCS Garden Club to find and plant one of each of the indigenous flowers that are so famous here in this part of Mexico.  A+ Photographer Steven Miller has spent a lot of time capturing Mother Nature in her best party dress shortly after the rains this year.   

   11. French teacher and photographer Jill Flyer exhibited a spectacular display of her photographic works in the Centro Cultural de Ajijic during October. We are talking wonderful shots of Madonnas set in a variety of exquisite backgrounds. Unfortunately the display will have been replaced by the time the November issue of El Ojo comes out. We will attempt to talk her into another exhibit very soon. 

   Hi-end generosity leads to helping celebrate the U.S. Navy’s 232nd Birthday.  The Fisher House Foundation makes it extremely easy for you to pass along your miles to service members in need. You can donate to the Hero Miles Program online at http://fisherhouse.org/programs/heroMiles.shtml or by calling 888.294.8560 where a Fisher House staff member will answer your questions. This is another reason to belong to the Lake Chapala Council Navy League. Contact Denny Strole at dstrole@gmail.com or 766-0485
   Back in the news again, and in a Big Way: The first year the Pamala L. Hall Awards/Ojo del Lago were presented here at Lakeside (August, 2005) a musical biography was unanimously voted First Place Winner! The play is Let There Be Light by Donna Mansfield (book) and Carol Bedford (music). The play will be produced in late October at the El Cine Eden Theatre in the new Chapala Cultural Center. The play was born when it went into the Eugene O’Neill Theatre in Waterford, CT and on to the Playwright’s Conference, where it won first place. This version is targeted toward those children not doing well in regular school systems. Using Thomas Edison as a positive role model even though he had ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), it alerts us that anyone can overcome anything if someone recognizes and cares enough to seek professional help. Doug Livingston (music/play director) guided beautifully his actors Amy Friend, Noah and Joe Barker, Don Williams, Jim Donnelly, George Fee and Don Wolf surrounded by Kenee Campo’s use of a PowerPoint set....new to our area.
   12. Did you notice this year how Halloween has taken over?  U.S. marketers decided it could sell more if Halloween was their target for sales. Well-established for many decades in the US, it was easy to move their products below the border and presto: Halloween, Ajijic style!  It’s over, so let’s go back to sleep.

   Often called the Madonna of Lakeside, we are most saddened to say farewell to Juanita Reed. Read the obituary elsewhere in this issue.
   Genealogy Workshop resumes ancestral business at LCS: October 19th (10-2 pm) was the first meeting of the newly re-organized Genealogy Workshop held in the Neill James’ Sala. Most people find it interesting to locate and document their ancestors who could go back centuries, but find it far too taxing to get involved. Not true!  With skilled help you can research on the Internet, and that leads us to two people who know how to get you there: Sandra Loridans (766-2981) and Nancy Bollenbach (766-0651). Even though the first class is over, Class #2 is scheduled for November, and you are not too late. Find out the date by calling for information. 
   Lakeside School for the Deaf. 1. The Thrift Shop has moved to a new location just east of Chicken Little and it now includes furniture and household items as well as clothing and accessories. Here’s how you can help: drop off your useful donations! Call Leslie Martin at 766-2274 to make arrangements. 2. Some of your donations might appear in the Almost New Fashion Show at noon on November 13 in the garden at La Nueva Posada...and for a mere $200 pesos. 3. If you work it just right, you might find something to wear on School for the Deaf December 6 Annual Black & White Ball when Lakesiders get all gussied up for the kick-off event of the holiday party season. This promises to be the most elegant evening of the season, with a menu created by Guadalajara’s culinary celebrity, Elias Sapien Montoya and his staff from Banquetes Providencia. Added to this are talented musicians to set a mood for dining and dancing in the spectacular setting of Claudette Champagne’s home. Proceeds from the $750 peso tab will be divided among three worthy charities: Lakeside School for the Deaf, Mision San Pablo, and Niños Incapacitados to benefit special children’s needs. Ticket sales: Jim Lloyd, 766-3070 or Ann Deans, 766-0907. http://lakesideschoolforthedeaf.org/events.htm is a newly installed website.
   Regalorama Bazaar now warming up! For the first time in the nearly 15 years that Regalorama Bazaar has been raising money for the St. Andrew’s Church “Outreach Committee,” a man is master-minding this very special annual event. Don Snell has a huge history in business working as a Board Member of: The Big Brother Association, the Leukemia Society, and the Advertising Club, all of Boston, Mass. Militarily speaking, Don served time in the USA Air Force after graduating from Boston University. He is a man of responsibilities, a quality which will certainly show up while running Lakeside’s most powerful Charity Bazaar on the first Saturday of December (1) on the St. Andrew’s Anglican Church grounds. Volunteers might still be needed. Contact Don Snell: 765-4085 to donate usable items and/or volunteer.
   13.  The Secretaria de Cultura of Jalisco invited Los Cantantes to sing a special performance in Guadalajara during the Fiestas de Octubre time-frame. It is one of the biggest honors a group can receive since it is nearly impossible to acquire an invitation during this famous annual event. The Cantantes reputation is such that rules were set aside to entice this group to entertain. If you cannot get into Guadalajara for this concert, a December show is being planned by the singers here at Lakeside.

   Wineries are now thinking of senior citizens: There is a new wine coming out that allows a person to resist urinating so many times during the night. It is called: Pino More. I wanted you to get the news first, because I just heard it through the grapevine!
   HAPPY THANKSGIVING, 2007. It’s probably too late, but if you can sneak in a seat or two with LCS Travel Club going to P.V.’s Palladium Hotel/Spa with their 5-day-4-night Thanksgiving all-inclusive entertainment package ~~ grab it!...for less than $300 USD. All worries about everything is taken care of, including luxury transportation. There simply cannot be a better deal in town!

   This is station Ajijic 101 signing off until next issue!