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Founded in 1987
Hidalgo #223
Chapala, Jalisco,
Mexico 45900
Tels. (376) 765-2877,
Fax (376) 765-3528












































































































Tod Jonson
Ektor Carranza

June 2007

     Once upon a time in a little kingdom by a big lake, a giant of a man comes to town. Paul A. Morin is the National Commander of the American Legion which oversees 2,700,000 veterans of all wars. This year the Legion is having their 88th Legionnaire’s Convention here in Ajijic on June 13, 14, and 15. Opening night of June 13 there is a planned celebration for Mr. Morin and his aide Mr. Mark Avis. Our local Legion Post 7 is organizing a flag presentation which follows an opening cocktail party with free flowing Tequila Cuervo margaritas (or cash bar if you desire) at La Nueva Posada. Cocktails at 6:00 pm, flag presentation at 6:45, and a special Mexican dinner at 7:15, concluding with those hilarious IMPROV talents. Tickets for $200 pesos per person might still be available through the LCS Ticket Booth or members of American Legion Post #7 in Chapala (766-2259). Local international organizations are taking tables of 6, 8 or 10 and showing their own support and colors as a group.  U. S. Consul General, the Honorable Edward J. Ramotowski will give a short presentation speech of welcome.
     One of the greatest gifts of all is laughter! IMPROV is built on laughter that can touch the lighter side of our lives. With only two completed shows under its belts, the group has grown to "in demand" proportions. It was on the strength of word of mouth that this group was hired to entertain our visiting dignitary from the American Legion. A better choice could not exist. They poked fun at the most obvious and everyone shared in laughing at ourselves. What better medicine could exist? 
     Visitor Extraordinaire came to town: President Douglas Stansberry of the Sons of the American Revolution, Mexican Chapter, visited here mid-April to further punch up the activities of both the Sons of the Revolution, Mexico Chapter, and the Sons of the American Revolution Mexican Chapter. Although both Chapters have been resting for a few months, new enthusiasm has pumped up the spirit and work has begun anew. Mr. Stansberry returns on June 13th for the Legionnaire’s night of nights in a Revolutionary soldier’s uniform so he can march in the Parade of Flags during the special dinner honoring American Legion National Commander Paul A. Morin at the Nueva Posada. Tickets are still available at LCS Ticket Booth 10:00 - noon each day. This time: limited seating.

     The American Legion went strong for Memorial Day: On Monday, May 28th American Legion Post No. 7 conducted its annual Memorial Day Service. Post 7 had Legionnaires Leo Fitzpatrick (Poet Laureate of the American Legion Post 3) read his stirring The Last Bugle Call. Tod Jonson read In Flanders Fields in memory of WWI. The program began at 1:00 pm. 
     Dinner of the Stars turned out to be a dinner made in Heaven: Barbara Clippinger and Carmen Carranza pulled together an evening of gourmet dishes that could have easily served a King of Heaven. Clippinger called upon theatre people when she yelled Showtime and, along with the Culinary Art Society of Ajijic gourmet cooking members, to help her pull off a fund-raiser auctioned dinner for the Niños Incapacitados which had been won by Danny and Kay Borkowski to share with their six guests: Rebecca and David Atherton, Susan and Jim Lightfoot, and Janet and Jim Muir. Dishes ranged from Ann Miller’s Shrimp with Wasabi Sauce, Pat O’Brien’s Melon and Prosciutto Balls, Cary Grant’s Spinach Soufflé Squares, Elizabeth Taylor’s Phyllo Blossoms, Johnny Weissmuller’s Gazpacho Soup, David Niven’s Orange with Raspberry Vinagrette Salad, Prince Rainier’s Pineapple Monaco Entrée, Vincent Price’s Stuffed Pork Loin, Audrey Hepburn’s Asparagus Supreme through to Bogie & Bacall’s Chocolate Cake Euphoria Dessert.  Not a scrap of food was left!
     Everyone Lakeside should be Scared Sunless. That perfect tan could have deadly consequences. June is "Melanoma Awareness Month" which should inform us all about and give us second thoughts regarding lying in the sun or swimming in the pool mid-day. The American Cancer Society estimates that about 60.000 new melanoma patients will be diagnosed in the U.S. in 2007 in places where air impurities half-way screen the sun’s deadly effects. Here at Lakeside where the sun is practically pure, the chances of getting a dose of pure cancer is heavy on the plus side. The tan isn’t worth it. Use sunscreen at least. We won’t stop you if you want to be a great-looking corpse. 
     As a traveler, have you ever been to Oaxaca?  It is one of the gems on the face of Mexico. Lots of Lakesiders find the beauty and joy of Oaxaca as a place to return to, and return, and return. Enough so that the LCS Travel Club has a new tour set up for July 20 - 26. If you have the time visit this traveler’s gem. LCS Ticket Booth can take reservations for this excursion and share with you the interesting highlights so totally different from the area in which we now live. There is a group of avid travelers at LCS who can attest to the uniqueness of this quaint state with its millions of artifacts. If you have not been to the quaint state of Oaxaca, pack a bag quickly.

     During an unexpected conversation, a piece of news sprung forth like an idle tune-up: First, how many of you readers know that we have an electronic community calendar available? Secondly: one of the great boons to Lakeside is Betty Prentki who is determined to see that Lakeside events get exposure, and perhaps just as importantly, remind people working in worthwhile organizations to check for conflicts when scheduling their events. There is a copy of the calendar printed and posted at the office of LCS. Otherwise, send an email to Betty and ask her to send you a computer copy. Betty Prentki: bprentki@yahoo.com. If you want to post your event, you can call her (766-4292). Okay, no more mistakes with 5 things happening on the same day. Por favor!
     They have stuck it on us again, postage has gone up again. If you are licking those stamps be sure you get enough to cover the new required cost which is 41 cents if posted in the US going anywhere in the country (69 cents if you are sending to Canada). You must have a US return address upper left corner of the envelope or it goes to the dead letter box. Not enough postage, they do now send them back. Does anyone miss the Pony Express but me? Both the mailman and the pony had a job and the rate was 3-cents.

     What serves a legend best: well in this case the legendary Bolshoi has every reason to be proud of their advance guard which played here at the Lakeside Auditorium on May 1. Truly one of the very best concerts ever presented at Lakeside happened when the Bolshoi brought Oksana Gorchakovskaya, a soprano with a pure golden voice and her highly enjoyable tenor companion, Konstanin Tolstobrov.
Let’s not hesitate to throw in a superb Sextet with these two artists and we were presented an evening never to forget. Although the auditorium was only half occupied, their enthusiasm gave a full house reception.
     Did you know that the Lake Chapala Society is moving forward once again. Our smoking friends now have a "home" of their own in the newly landscaped pad in a garden surrounded area on the LCS campus. It’s almost ~~~ mind you, almost ~~~ worth taking up smoking to join the group of revelers who use the new area every day of the week. 
     Well, I just saw a miracle! Actually, the Department of Highways was filling pot holes before the rains begin. In past years that has not always been the case. Maybe we won’t ruin our tires and axles by dropping off into holes the size of craters. On that same subject matter, have your roof checked for filled gutters or leaks. 
We are only days away from an up-to-five-month rainy season. Do the repair work now, before holes soak up moisture and take forever to dry leaving you with black mold. You can save yourself a lot of money by doing any repairs while it is still dry. Go for it and thank me later!
     This seems to apply recently all over in show business. Went to a concert two weeks ago to hear U.S. singer Melinda Jones sing. Her dream come true! But, the audience had to deal with the amorphous, synthetic and maniacally empty-headed music. When was it that so many Broadway musicals took "Looney" to their hearts but managed to leave out the "Tunes"? Good grief, it was dreadful. Jones might have a career ahead of her, but needs a lot of help in selecting the best songs from musicals ~~ not the miserable filler ones. It is wake up time. Just looking at her is not enough....almost, but not quite enough.

     A well-made cocktail is one of life’s greatest pleasures. But these days getting the bill can knock the swizzle right out of your stick. The fun has gone, maybe forever, wherein a night of entertainment on the town with a couple drinks could be had without taking a loan out from the government to pay for it. The night we went to see Melinda Jones, the planning stages of the show were exciting and included dinner and drinks. By the time the evening was over we were in debt. If, when we were returning home, we had run too low on gas, we would have had to walk home. Even a peso for a quick pick-up telephone call would have been impos-sible. Damn, it is getting expensive to be enter-tained in the city. Pocket change is just a laughing matter even for a beer.  Enjoy the entertainment stuff, it is just as good, and so are the local drinks!
     A man with a fez is a known humanitarian of the first order.  Each month the Shrine Club holds a dinner wherein all proceeds from that particular Shrine dinner goes to help finance corrective surgery for children who might have imperfections that surgery can correct. In May it was at Giovanni’s Restaurant at the West end of Ajijic. Tables of humanitarian and concerned guests were grateful that this experience is promoted and supported by the Shrine Club. Dinner was supposed to be over at 6:00 pm, but a thrill of knowing you are truly helping, kept the diners much later. Giovanni didn’t care, he just kept on serving. Thanks to Giovanni and certainly to the men with the fez!
     The fun of Silent Auctions show up at treasure tables.  The Lake Chapala Society is producing once again its July Fiesta which will be July 7, on the LCS campus grounds. This is a heartfelt call to all you generous people who have items that you can no longer use, or have never used since you bought or were given the item, to donate it for the Silent Auction 2007.

     All funds taken in on July 7 emanating out of the Auction goes directly to the Student Aid Fund at LCS’ Wilkes Education Center. It is a noble cause as genuine as the Shrine Club’s dinners. Please stop by any day before 1:00 pm and see Tod Jonson, upstairs or on the grounds, who will take care of registering your gift. Upon request a receipt can be gladly given to show off your contribution. 
     The Pamala L. Hall Awards are really moving along, and fast. So far 63 Short Stories, one Novel, but no Poetry has been entered into the 2007 Awards. Writers  ~~ it takes time to read and evaluate, so submitting your material early is important. We are only six weeks away from cut-off. You probably won’t have time now to sit down and write that best-seller novel, but if you put your attention to Short Stories or Poetry you still have a winning chance. Submissions need to be in Tod Jonson’s hands by June 25...not a day later. Thanks writers! 
     Winners receive cash donations for their winning submissions given during the El Ojo Del Lago Literary Awards Luncheon in mid-August. Watch our magazine for exact time, place and date.
     This is Station 101 Ajijic, signing off until next time.

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