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Founded in 1987
Hidalgo #223
Chapala, Jalisco,
Mexico 45900
Tels. (376) 765-2877,
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Tod Jonson
Ektor Carranza

January 2007

     Except for Epiphany, the holidays are behind us which held a season of spectacular parties and events. Thanks-giving had barely been laid to rest and dieting enforced before December started off with one party after another. The biggest buzz was when party-enthusiasts celebrated the 93rd birthday of Lissa Taylor, a 28 year resident ofLakeside. Lissa glowed more brightly than the holiday season which is already in full swing. Lissa has always been one of the big movers and shakers in the valley of the lake. We happen not to have a King Arthur in our midst, but Lissa qualifies for Guinevere, the magnificent. Many happy returns Miss Lissa, you are one in a million!

     However, speaking of Thanksgiving, the Lake Chapala Society Travel Club went to the Palladium Hotel and Spa in Puerto Vallarta for five all inclusive days of food, entertainment, dancing, gourmet dining, gym and spa exercise, including beach and pool activities that so far has not been matched according to those that went on the beach journey. Nothing but raves has been heard from the revelers who declare that Thanksgiving should come more than once a year to enjoy such activities all in one place. Suggestion: Easter has an "all inclusive" sound to it that could possibly produce the same excitement. Go to the LCS Ticket Book and suggest they put together another trip to this oasis by the sea. It could happen!

     Things to see and do! One of the best ways of starting off the New Year is by seeing the first show of 2007 at the Centro Cultural de Ajijic which promises to be a magical and exciting start to the year featuring the art creations of Jesus Lopez Vega and Anita  Lee. The show titled "Images and Dreams of Mexico" explores the mystical landscapes of Mexico and the supernatural aspects of Mexican folklore. The opening reception is Saturday, January 6th, 2007 @ 3-6 p.m. and the show runs through the 30th of January. Anita has large pastel landscapes of Mexico while Jesus is showing his mixed media and oil pieces based on indigenous Mexican themes. This is an exhibit not to be missed.

     Marlene Dunham, President/Administrator of Casa de Ancianos de Chapala, A.C., is happily accepting a check from Henri Loridans, President of Ajijic Rotary, towards the purchase of a much needed handicap van for the Casa’s residents. Thanks go to Enrique and Belva Velazquez, former owners of the van, who generously donated half the cost. Casa de Ancianos is a care facility for indigent Mexicans who either have no family to care for them or with illnesses that no longer make it possible to be cared for in the family home. Casa is dependent on donations from the community. They are currently accepting donations towards the building of six more casitas. It is most unfortunate when anyone has to be turned away due to lack of beds. Casa de Ancianos is hosting a benefit Valentine’s Day, 2007 at the Real de Chapala at 6:00 pm. See the ad in this month’s  El Ojo issue. For reservations, email: feb14dance@yahoo.com

     Judy King’s e-magazine is rolling along beautifully. If you have not subscribed or read about it, give yourself a gift of fine reading, updates of Lakeside happens, meet some really neat people, witness important events that one could and should be involved in helping less fortunate, and what to expect in the future. Judy King has a grasp on important contributions here at the Lake. Once you read this e-magazine you will be hooked completely. Subscribe today: Judy@mexico-insights.com  

     Up to January, the Lakeside Little Theatre (LLT) has pulled off the first set of three plays as huge audience-pleasers. Canada’s playwright Norm Foster’s Sinners opened LLT Season 42 under the dynamic direction of Roseann Wilshere with a roar that is still heard in Lakeside entertainment circles. Tennessee William’s The Glass Menagerie followed in short order with the hit scoring another success for the theatre by director Larry King and the LLT staff of players. In December, Fay and Michael Kanin’s Rashomon was an anticipated hit which exceeded even LLT’s expectations. Sell out evenings always indicate audience appreciation....and the December exhibit was a hit. So the first part of the LLT 42nd season has been a memorable exercise in pure entertainment in the form of variety.  Now, with Neil Simon’s The Good Doctor opening January 20th, with director Celeste Finnegan doctoring up the directorial, it has the potential of continuing the same entertainment run through the rest of the season. Patrons of LLT engage in praise for the efforts of the vast talents exhibited monthly in this little theatre by the Lake. Following shortly behind to round out the season will be director/ choreographer Anya Flesh presenting Quilters as a wonderful musical event with musical director Audrey Hoffnung’s baton waving in a classic style. Then, closing out the season, Barbara Clippinger will give us a romp with La Cage aux Folles by Jean Poirett adapted by Ms. Clippinger and James Lloyd from the Robin Williams’ The Birdcage. Lakeside Little Theatre is more than a community effort, it is an institution leveled at entertaining lakesiders on a year-round basis.

     The new mayor elect:  Lic. Geraldo Degollado is already making waves of improvement here at the Lake. In November the next mayor held a press conference inviting the Anglo community to participate in what they saw and worked with during previous decades. His sincere requests were for ideas on improving lifestyles in our community. Lic. Degollado has so far lived up to his claims that netted him the Mayor’s office for the next three years and with much more to come.

     CASA took 2006 with a storm of good food, exciting monthly contests, and exhibits of  exquisite foods prepared by serious cooks with extraordinary taste buds. It is hard to beat any or all of these contests. Barbara Clippinger has guided CASA into another "highly in demand" monthly event. If you are interested in cooking, not afraid of competition, and want to experience the best food in town on the third Monday of each month, contact Ms. Clippinger (766-0586: clipp1020@prodigy.net.mx). After each gourmet meal, dieting must be your own consideration. 

     After what has seemed like a very long year since the gala closing concert of Northern Lights Music Festival the orchestra ensemble will return in February for the fifth annual concert series. Newly married Christopher Wilshere and conductor Nathan Brock with his wife will return for another series of exquisite concerts. These two Canadian musical geniuses five years ago put together the best young talents residing in Canada to bring a new slant on culture to our shores. They brought it to thunderous applause and appreciation by an army of music lovers. Updates of programs, memberships, patrons, benefactors, tickets all can be acquired by contacting organizer Tom Gladney (766-1210: tgladney@gmail.com).  VIVA La Musica! has been the umbrella for the continued success of NLMF. 

     A big hole has been left with the relocation of Lakeside’s prolific writer Ruth Merrimer returning to the U.S. (now living in the Palm Springs, CA area), and then with Joyce Vath moving to Fairhope, Alabama to be nearer to her grandchildren. The vitality gap doesn’t seem to fill up in their absence. Most of us feel it is something that would never happen, and we hope that once these girls see the light, they will return home where they belong!  Both of the gals are sorely missed by organizers of a wide range of charity activities, by those in the social circles who entertain a lot, and by those who read the outpouring of magical words that both gals write about for our enjoyment.

     Speaking of leaving our area after ten years, Marilyn and James Penton have returned to Canada.  Penton’s lectures at LCS have been a Hallmark presentation of history, archeology, and religious wisdom. He has had a record number of LCS members attend his exciting lectures.  He is known as a scholar’s scholar.  We will miss the Penton touch to our educational needs.

     It has come time for the American Legion, Post #7 to change officers.  With the volume of activities that entertain the Legion membership per month, any new slate will find it hard to keep the pace going.  However, with full support from officers emeritus, and the membership, it should turn out to be a shoe-in!  Monday night guest chef dinners remain as popular as ever, and the best breakfast in town is Sylvia’s sausage gravy and fresh hot biscuits.

     The Canadian Air Force 904 Wing is a local group of very interesting guys who meet every month to continue promoting the history and activities of the Canadian Air Force.  Pilots from commercial as well as military and private sector have a tremendous amount of aviation ideas and plans to share and discuss.  Guest speakers often entertain with films, artifacts, and wholesome information. Robert Rowlatt is the current president and welcomes those members of the community who are interested in aviation to attend a general meeting. Rowlatt can be reached for in depth information by leaving a note at LCS. It will reach him quickly.

     We have been filled weekly with the words of Jeanne Chaussee and we all wish to thank her for keeping us informed of what is going on at Lakeside week after week. She is actually creating a history of what has shaped Lakeside and why it is so popular. Our own El Ojo del Lago also gives us an over-view.

     Barbara Clippinger is one of the real sparkling personalities at Lakeside.  Recently, she and John, a handsome dude, really made the glamour runway folk at a gathering when they were surrounded by what seemed like hundreds of people.  Nothing new though, Barbara is always surrounded by the glitzy and interes-ting personalities of Lakeside. 

     Someone once said (without tongue in cheek at the time), "I wish I had something to do!" Well, obviously they were asleep at the wheel and didn’t realize that some of the most productive and active clubs, charities, and organizations in the world spring out of Lakeside. There is the American Legion Post #7, Canadian Air Force 904 Wing, Irish Club, Culinary Art Society of Ajijic (CASA), Axixic Lodge 31, Shrine Club, Navy League, Ninos Incapacitados, Los Niños de Chapala y Ajijic, both DARs, Sons of the Revolution, Red Cross, Viva! La Musica, Music Appreciation Society, Centro de Formacion Jaltepec, ACA, Lake Chapala Society with its multiple programs and activities year-round, Needlepushers, School for the Deaf, the Bridge Club, and certainly the Lakeside Little Theatre.  Telephones are available in the old and new LCS Directory 2007 Edition due mid-January.   

     In 2006 the Lake Chapala Society developed a Guadalajara Dining Club. This club goes into Guadalajara each month to check out the best restaurants in town. Arranged by Sylvia Rendon in the LCS Ticket etc. booth, a sign up sheet is available each month for those who wish to dine in the big city, but do not wish to drive in, find parking, and then drive home. Contact (766-2493 or 766-2157) or the Booth each day from 10:30 to noon. There is a world of eating adventure going on here that should entertain everyone.

     And to think, someone said, "I wish I had something to do!"


*Maggie Van Ostrand *Lea Ament *Carol Bedford *Vern and Lori Geiger *Marlene Robertson *Judy Baehr *Gudrun Jones *Janet Zampieri *Mildred Boyd *Jim Tipton *Tere Sabin *Julie Ray *Henri Loridans *Ken Clarke *Eileen Collard *Cathy Cabrera *Ed Tasca *Michele Boudreau *Paul Jackson *Bob Harwood *Michael Warren* Ramana Karkus *Tod Jonson & Ektor Carranza *Xill Fessenden

The root word of "columnist" is quite apropos, as you—our monthly columnists—are the columns which support our publication. Thanks to you, this past year was our best ever, and as a small token of our gratitude, we have a gift waiting for you at our branch office (right next to Lloyd Bank) in Ajijic. We hope you had a most Merry Christmas and that this coming year brings you a veritable feast of good fortune.
The Staff and Management
El Ojo del Lago

Past Lakeside Living