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Founded in 1987
Hidalgo #223
Chapala, Jalisco,
Mexico 45900
Tels. (376) 765-2877,
Fax (376) 765-3528



























































































































Tod Jonson
Ektor Carranza

February 2007

     It finally happened! December burst at the seams and I think we have wound up with two of them. We now need another festive month called Decembruary...because the activities on these cold winter nights have not ceased; they just spilled over into what used to be January, with its already full agenda of activities. What started all of this high spirited activity was the hosts of hosts, Robert and Kathy Coull’s splendid "Boxing Day" party on Decembruary 26th. We are talking big time party atmosphere: wildly colorful, deliciously fattening, loop legged drinking as it was turning into the party of the season! 

     The new Consejo of the Cruz Roja  (Chapala) was installed at the Cruz Roja facility in Chapala before very enthusiastic attendees. Lic. Miguel Angel Dominguez, the National Vice-President of Cruz Roja Mexicana, conducted the installation. The event was so important that the media, including TV, attended to show their approval. The new officers are: Don Jorge Agnesi D. (President), Ann Whiting (Vice-President), and Charlie Klestadt (Treasurer). What is really wonderful about the attitude of our community is that when something as important as the Red Cross needs support the Lakeside community turns out to demonstrate their appreciation for and dedication to the Cruz Roja Chapala. 

     "Three Kings Day" was truly a fiesta on January 6, when Casa de Ancianos, AC in Chapala celebrated in high spirit. The royal barge carried three colorful kings (Tom Thompson, Walt Smith, and Stewart McGowan) who passed out gifts to all the residents of Marlene Dunham’s assisted care units which visibly brought a tremendous amount of joy to each of the in-house-care citizens. After paying guests dined on spaghetti, home baked focacia, and French bread they creatively discussed new ways of raising money to help build more casitas at the home for those of us who might need the facilities in the nearer than  expected future. The plan that stuck was a St. Valentine’s Day building fund-raiser to be held at the Real de Chapala. Reserve your tickets by emailing: feb14dance@yahoo.com, or call Helena at 766-1324 or Linda at 766-3741.

     Lakeside Community Award Nominations Due Now! January is the month in which the community is asked to decide who should become the next "Best of the Year" as far as contributions towards our society are concerned. All nominations will be accepted, registered, and studied by a panel of 12 community leaders. The committee will receive suggestions during January, research during February, and Awards presented during March. Categories are:  Woman, Man, Project, Couple, Student (on scholastic achievements), Teacher, Humanitarian, as well as Lifetime Achievement, Hall of Fame and Keeper of the Flame. Nominate your choices in as many categories as you wish, but you must include the name of that choice with a short biography.  Leave your choices with Tod Jonson at LCS any day of the week. Further information can be received by calling Tod Jonson:  766-1918 (evening), 766-4658 (day), or emails:  tod921@prodigy.net.mx or todoflcs@yahoo.com.

     Trying: a tour de force!  Norma Lyerly has a remarkable eye for seeing a great play, capturing the rights for it, and directing it here at Lakeside usually before it hits Broadway. Trying is one of those efforts. Even though Norma found it necessary to break up the run of the play into several weekends, Jayme Littlejohn, a long-time LLT performer, captured the frustrated secretary in finite detail, while Andrew Krumbhaar left an audience weeping as he began crumbling and aged before your eyes. 

     Five years ago, Chris Wilshere and his musical partner, conductor Nathan Brock, came to Ajijic to show us what delightful and wonderful musicians Canada wished to share with Lakeside. This musical group of 20+ created the Northern Lights Musical Festival in front of our eyes. Once again this year the Festival will present for music lovers an all new program of classical music. At a patrons and benefactors party on January 13, a record number of guests came forth to insure that this popular Music Festival will continue. Contact Tom Gladney (766-1210 - tgladney@gmail.com) or Roseann Wilshere (766-1036 (roswhilshere@gmail.com) for details. Tickets available for the entire Festival as a package or single sale in the LCS Ticket Booth, etc. first week of February, and throughout the Festival. 

The wedding of the year! The Priscila-Christopher Wilshere wedding was a blockbuster. A mass of people came to the wedding and a "Jubilee" was heard throughout Culiacan in Sinaloa where Christopher is violinist for the Orquesta Filarmónica.  Now that the Wilsheres are happily married, the Festival will easily become our fountain of musical youth. 

 Chapala’s American Legion Post 7 (A.L.) is running at full speed. Myrna Shreve and Hank Shiver prepared a southern-style dinner for 60 guests during the January 1 Rose Bowl Parade and football game. Janie Carruth and Sharon Munns served black-eyed peas, collard greens, potato salad, corn bread and various desserts. Each Monday is a "best of the valley" dinner at A.L. which requires reservations. For Lakesider’s convenience the next trip to the Wal-Mart/Sam’s stores in Guad. will be Feb. 7. A $50 peso donation to cover travel will be required. Check with Ladies Auxiliary, also same number. A.L. is planning for February a trip to a nearby town which will be a shopping spree at the newly built huge "discount-outlet" store.

     LLT presents another American classic in Quilters! Quilters is a giant in the history of the theatre. Anya Flesh’s usual directing/choreography will make it the fresh property that the theatre craves, while Audrey Huffnung’s baton will give a dramatic punch to the music. LLT opens the production February 24. Acquiring tickets are recommended early for this special piece of theatre. LLT Box Office is 766-0954 with call back services by Paula McTavish.  

     On January 13 at 4:00 pm, the Ballet Folklorico of Guadalajara stunned an audience at the Auditorio de la Ribera del Lago. The music and dancer’s over-powering enthusiasm, artistry, color, and beauty of people woke up the entire audience to what Folklorico really means. For a mere 100 pesos, there simply could not be a more spirited show in town. Nora Deane  (766 3408) norabca@yahoo.com has secured a second performance for February 3 at 4.00 pm for those who could not attend the January 13 performance.        

     There are many children here who have not had a "Posh Life" up to now, but the Rotary Club will give them a head-start on a new life. Members of the Rotary have raised through matching grants over $100,000. USD, to help children with physical defects. President elect, Rubén Pederson, will mastermind the use of this money to help as many children as possible. We salute you and all your efforts! 

     Black and white Photography by Pedro Valtierra
Pedro Valtierra, a well-known Mexican photographer, is the author of "Nicaragua, Una Noche Afuera." He has won The National Award in Journalism in México, the Silver Medal in Moscow, and the "King of Spain Award." His photos show the most beautiful aspects of Mexico, side by side with the crudest aspects of the country. The exposition will run from January 31 until February 3. Afterward, the works will be exhibited at Galería Di Paola in Colón 11, Ajijic. For more information, call: 766 1010

     Cooking, a la best! Barbara Clippinger is president of CASA (Culinary Art Society of Ajijic). No doubt about it, it is the most delicious club in town. Stands to reason because it is the only cooking club in town! Third Monday of each month, a super contest takes place with competition in mind. No better meal can be had at Lakeside. With the passing of some members, membership space is open for the first time in years. If really interested,  you can call Miss C. (766-0586) or clipp1020@prodigy.net.mx and she can add you to a waiting list. February 7 at 6:00pm at Villa del Arte, Ajijic will be award night with 36 trophies being presented…and food, too! Hope to see you at dinner which cost only $150 pesos!

     This is Station Ajijic101.3 signing off from a quiet little village in central México! Chili Cook-off. The gates of this giant event open the 3-day run on February 9. It is another time of the year that Guadalajarans flock to Lakeside to eat, drink, buy, and be entertained in a fair-type atmosphere. Volunteers are always needed. If you have the time, your participation could be a tremendous contribution. Contact Loren Reynolds (763-5038: penior@prodigy.net.mx) and Ann Whiting (766-3724: acorona_mx@hotmail.com).  

     Loretta Smithberg has long been a musical joy. She has entertained countless admirers for many years in recitals as well as church services, but none could compare to the concert she gave at the San Andreas Catholic church on December 28th. Accompanying the magnificent tenor voice of Rev. Andrew Krumbhaar, the recital filled the church and traveled with ease to the Ajijic square as people on the streets stopped to listen. It was a crisp recital dedicated to the full meaning of Christmas...warming all hearts with clear sounds for our Lord’s birthday. Few times has the heart been so touched as when Loretta Smithberg covered the four seasons with tributes giving us a musical touch of spring, summer, fall, and winter leading us directly into "O, Little Town of Bethlehem." The vaulted ceiling of San Andreas captured each sound and shared it with the village. Lakeside is genuinely blessed with both artists pouring out treasured sounds that will be long remembered making Christmas 2006 a  joy.

     The Lake Chapala Shrine Club presented in México City the Anezeh Temple Centennial Celebration on January 20th. The Temple was chartered on January 21, 1907 thus giving 100 years of community service! The Potentate’s Ball was a magnificent event, a once-in-a-lifetime celebration to initiate new Shriners. It was held in the center courtyard of the Shriners Hospital for Children in México City. Dressed in Fez, white Club shirts and bolos; the Lake Chapala Shrine Club presented the five flags (Shrine, México, United States, Canada, and Panama) to open the event. It was truly another magnificent example of how our Shrine Club shows a great face to the world.

     The passing of an ex-president brought forth a hero GERALD R. FORD (1913--2006) entered this world as a middle-class, bright and clever child in 1913 when the world was young and innocent. Mr. Ford remained much the same way throughout his life...dedicated to doing what was right. His football days made him a champion, and he took those attributes to the White House never flinching for a moment. The football he carried was a White House filled with scandal and unrest, but he reached the goal post without further damage to our troubled nation. He won the game with style and dignity. Farewell to what will surely become a resurgence of heroic status: possibly a figure that can reshape some of the American youth’s ideas of newfound dignity. He came, he saw, and he conquered a world of doubt and went well into giving that world an honored place to stand on.
     Mr. Bush praised Ford’s integrity and "great rectitude" and said "the nation will always be grateful for his service." Indeed that is true, and a lesson that should be appreciated and imitated!

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