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Founded in 1987
Hidalgo #223
Chapala, Jalisco,
Mexico 45900
Tels. (376) 765-2877,
Fax (376) 765-3528










































































































































Tod Jonson
Ektor Carranza

December 2007

     This is to let you know that Ektor and I have ‘DUH!’LIVERED a full year of LAKESIDE LIVING. Therefore we can say to everyone Lakeside: Merry Christmas!  The Holiday Season has arrived! Not sure how US Thanksgiving became suddenly so popular, but it has. Mincemeat is better here than in California. Cranberries required soup spoons so one could eat faster...and pumpkin pie came with second and third helpings. Hopefully New Year’s Day will ease us into 2008 with promises for a better future. How about no war! If NAFTA is responsible for billions of decorator items flooding into México (mostly from China), then NAFTA is a huge success. Do you think March of Dimes or Ground Hog’s Day has a chance?
     The turkey is out of the stall and WAS on the table. Thanksgiving dinner for nearly 100 Lakesiders was super enjoyed at the Palladium, Nueva Vallarta on that special day. That hotel/spa is no slouch. For less than $300 USD, one did enjoy Thanksgiving Day Dinner sandwiched into a 5-day-4-night all inclusive package which included transportation, entertainment, all drinks and buffet food, plus three gourmet restaurants requiring reservations. Mark your calendars for same time, next year. For sure LCS Travel Club will be taking reservations. El Ojo del Lago hopes everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
     MAS Concert on Dec. 5, 7:30 pm, Auditorio.  It’s the San Luis Potosi Symphony Orchestra which has performed here to great acclaim last year and several years before. Over 70 musicians in a program that includes Rossini, Overture: Barber of Seville, Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance, eight pieces by Russian composer Sviridov, Sain Saens’ Bachanale from Samson and Delilah,"  Borodin’s Polovetsian Dances  including several pieces by Strauss Jr. and Strauss Sr.  Tickets $350 pesos, on sale at Charter Club Tours and at LCS. Conductor, Maestro Joe Miramontes Zapata has made one of the finest orchestras in Mexico.  

     Nikki Grattan, our editor’s niece, was recently here for a short visit. Like her proud uncle, she is involved in the fascinating world of words. Already possessing a BA Degree in Ethnic Studies from the University of Hawaii, she is now working up in San Francisco toward a Masters Degree in Creative Writing. On her previous much-longer stay here some ten years ago, she won the Best Profile prize at the Ojo’s annual awards luncheon, having beautifully written up one of Lakeside’s most outstanding painters, Enrique Velazquez. Good luck, young lady!   

     Culinary Art Society of Ajijic (CASA) has lost some members so the rolls are open once again for new members who would like to share culinary skills. Juanita Reed had been one of the most vital people to grace the shores of Lake Chapala. CASA served beautifully at her memorial and is responsible for a plaque and Cyprus Tree being planted at LCS in her name. Contact Judy Whitford for instructions. Judywhitford@yahoo.com.
If you know someone worthy of this honor and would like to plant a tree, please contact Tod Jonson at LCS..
     The Daughters of the American Revolution, Guadalajara Chapter, held a ceremony in association with 13 of Lakeside’s most honored organizations at the Chapala Cemetery on Nov. 11.  Veteran’s Day was not forgotten here and we saluted 117 of our military who are buried in those hallowed grounds. U.S. Consul General Edward Ramatowki read a letter from the US President about those who have served us well.  

     Luis Enrique Hernandez, a 14-year-old artist with the Children’s Art Program at LCS, received the honor of having his watercolor painting selected for the cover of the LCS’s 2008 Directory. Luis has been a member of the Program for a good number of years and is producing beautiful art. During weekdays, Luis has been studying with master artist/teacher Marci Boone who is teaching art classes now in her Riberas del Pilar studio.  

     Children’s Christmas concert, Friday, December 7, at 6:30 pm, the children’s choir from the afternoon session of the Marcos Castellanos Elementary School of Ajijic will present a concert of Christmas Music at the Auditorio de la Ribera. The children are being directed by their award-winning music teacher, Cecillia Carduño, and concert pianist from Mexico City, David Garduno Hernandez. Also, performing will be Mexico’s and Lakeside’s famous singer, Lupita Jimenez, with the Mariachi Chapala. Tickets may be purchased at the Lake Chapala Society Ticket Booth until December 6 for 100 pesos. This will be one way to help buy equipment for the school. Refreshments will be served at the end of the program.
     It’s so dry in Alabama that the Baptists are starting to baptize by sprinkling; the Methodists are using wet-wipes, the Presbyterians are giving out rain-checks, and the Catholics are praying for the wine to turn back into water. Actually there is one church that will just spit on you.
     Willie Wonka was crowned King of Chocolate again! Mr. Chocolate Sprite could have proudly walked around in a cloak of 25 name-brand chocolates if he had attended the Wine, Cheese and Chocolate fundraiser held at Cathy Robert’s Casa Del Sol B&B on November 16—an event to raise money to cover growing costs of Marlene Dunham’s Casa de Ancianos for her senior guests. Organizers put together the foods to enhance the Christmas colors.

     It’s Doo Wops time at least up to midnight!  Cindy Paul is, musically speaking, back in town with three musical guys: Jerry Morse, Jack Fallon, and Gary Voegtle. If music touches your soul spend an evening with Doo Wops at La Bodega on December 4 at 7:30.   

     Last month I was too eager to give one of our great gentlemen of Lakeside honors that seemed so right at the time. By accident, I put John Pritchard into the class of a famous artist painting airplanes. John admits only to donating the picture to the 904 Wing of the Air Force Association of Canada. I have apologized to John for the error, and he smiling said, »Oh, Tod, don’t take away my new found fame. I have had fun with the run of it.»  John, there is no way we would take anything away from you, but may we just say thank you for the donation instead. If you want, I can introduce you to several teachers who can lead you to painting as well as the artist who did the picture you donated. If you’ll take classes, we’ll keep the fame flame burning for you in the window.
     Guadalajara may be the second largest city in Mexico, but it has one of the most respected universities in the world. It holds a seat of influence for all of Latin America. For several years, the annual Lakeside Community Awards (LCA) has honored outstanding students in their scholastic achievements. These Lakeside students are going on into University levels and walking away with some of the highest of honors, so says the Department of Education. The government of Chapala agrees with LCA’s announcement about Lakeside bursting at the seams with pride over accomplishments being made and recognized by the LCA’s presitigious awards now entering their 20th year. They are engaged in a transformational movement to step up higher learning. Some of this happens right here at Lakeside. 

     Lakeside Community Awards Committee is requesting your nominations for outstanding contributions made by Lakesiders during 2007. Consider Woman, Man, Project, Humanitarian, Couples, Cultural Achievements of the Year. Remember Hall of Fame, Lifetime Achievement for someone who has left a tremendous legacy of work for all of us to enjoy. Send your nominations to the Award Committee c/o of Tod Jonson at LCS. We can receive all nominations until December 21.
     Get Art Smart: Start by going to Galería Dos Lunas (on Colon, Ajijic) then across Colón to Galería Di Paola, and a few steps more to Diane Pearl Collecciones, and down the block to Galería Indigo. It will brighten up your life and punch up new interests. 
     Some of us are heavier than we would like to be, but the help-savior has arrived. Within this past month weight patch became a shelf item in the US and will be heading south within a few weeks. They do exist, and they do work. A local pharmacy is aware of them, and the paper process is in the works. 
     The people of Tequila make this a charming city filled with everything imaginable including the making of Tequila. The first visitor’s tour instigated by the Mayor’s Office in Tequila in conjunction with Lakeside took place mid-November and was a roaring success. A luxury bus filled with 28 happy travelers made the trip a traveler’s delight—enough so that a late January, 2008 trip is being planned so that some of these same sight-seers can continue exploring the quaint charm Tequila offers. Recommendation: try the flavored Tequila distilled by La Cofradia, a brand name to remember forever. Black cherry Tequila is worth taking to bed with you 

     Buzz-worthy: in terms of difficulty, traffic at Lakeside ranks somewhere between mastering astrophysics and snatching a glazed doughnut away from Rosie O’Donnell. It’s seemingly an endless task even getting across the highway that requires more attention to scary details while you are fighting live action. Lots of cussing and finger pointing (both up and down) recently on a tianguis day in Ajijic when our friendly cop was dealing with a minor accident. It’s getting more dangerous by the day! We are headed for more street lights just to get out of La Floresta. So come on, put them in! 
     One of 2007’s most interesting programs at LCS was conducted by Professors Antoinette (Toni) Guenther and Jess Hale doing a «write your own history» class about your life experiences.  The Guenther-Hale combo will be returning immediately following the holidays and plan to resume in mid-to-late January this terrific classroom workshop. All those interested should call Tod Jonson (766-4685 or 766-1981or tod921@prodigy.net.mx) 
     Marianne Carlson’s Maestros del Arte walked away with the biggest year of sales, artists, attractions, buyers, and visitors. Arts and craft’s fair is an in-demand item which satisfies art collectors as well as curiosity seekers. Hundreds of buyers turned this year’s Maestros del Arte into the best in past years. Organizers are already at work for 2008. Volunteers needed. Contact Marianne ASAP! 

     Arias Return. Diva Alma Jiminez made a monumental stir in Minnesota during a recent international concert. Alma is a Lakeside girl with a splendid voice. Her Night of Stars performance on November 24 at Los Artistas was a huge success. She sang Pucinni, Mozart, Gounod and reached all the high notes with the ease of a seasoned opera star. What a voice and what a beauty.
     Line up the dogs, it’s Obedience School for everyone! Local Animal Shelters and Obedience Schools take heed. We need more training like this. Of course, this happened right here in La Floresta as seen only by one photographer. What a good dog!

     Photographic workshop by Mexico’s renowned photographer José Hernandez Claire at Lakeside. José will organize a week-long workshop at Lakeside, January 2008 from Monday 14–19, teaching as much as possible about photography. His email is: jose.hernandezclaire@gmail.com The cost is $3000 pesos and is limited to a single group of 15 people. Book now at the Galería Di Paola (Colon #11, Ajijic) from noon to 4 p.m. from Monday to Saturday and leave a 50% deposit to reserve your place. José Claire was invited to exhibit his work in China, starting November 8 through all of December. Recently he presented a brilliant photographic exhibition at the Di Paola Galería to tremendous acclaim.  
This is Ajijic Station 101 signing off until next issue!