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Founded in 1987
Hidalgo #223
Chapala, Jalisco,
Mexico 45900
Tels. (376) 765-2877,
Fax (376) 765-3528














































May 2006

Those Who Are Loved Are Never Gone

Glen Wikum passed away in Chapala, March 28........

Martin Parker; Longtime Friend:
Martin Parker left us March 21, and to those of us who were friends of he and Greta and have lived in Ajijic........
Raquet Club Benefit
The Raquet Club put on one of the most financially successful and enjoyable fundraisers of the year with the pork BBQ.......
Lois Cugini Celebrated
Lois Cugini Celebrated the 25th anniversary of her wildly popular Opus Boutique with a grand celebration........
Ed Vlahov’s Book Signing
The people lined up to get a copy of Ed Vlahov’s new novel “A Candle Before Midnight” .........
Puttin’ On The Dog At The Spay & Neuter Party:
They came dressed in tutus, shorts & halter tops, organdy ribbons, buttons and bows, mafia-type fedoras, even kilt and tam o’shanters .......
Tickets For Legion Events Will Soon Be Available At LCS:
Up to the present time, tickets for Legion and Auxiliary events have only been available for purchase at the post home.........
Conserve Conserve Conserve
It took the children and teachers at Marquez Elementary School in Ajijic to bring attention to the need for local water conservation.........
Teach A Woman To Fish (TAWF)
This name given to the new program that is designed to teach women to set up cottage industries by the sale of homemade quilts, t-shirts...........
New Officers At The Post 7 American Legion:
L/r first row: John Venner, Larry Clonts, Cody Summers.........
Making Their Easter Duty The Old-fashioned Way
From his mountain top home, where the swirling winds wound round the local peaks, at my request.........
New Trash Containers:
Hopefully everyone has noticed the new trash containers that are sitting on many of Ajijic’s streets.........
Barbara Prince
clutched an armful of roses presented by Cody Summer.........
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