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Founded in 1987
Hidalgo #223
Chapala, Jalisco,
Mexico 45900
Tels. (376) 765-2877,
Fax (376) 765-3528


































































By Ruth Ross Merrimer

July 2006

Lake Chapala Society’s Grand July Celebration

will take place at the society, Sunday, July 9, 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m..........

Happy Birthday Pat Hartgrove
Louis Hartgrove turned the tables on his wife Pat........
The Summer Party Circuit
that was created as fundraisers by the volunteers for the Ninos Incapacitados and those for the School for the Deaf........
Mayfield’s Happy 5-Oh
Jerry and Shirley Mayfield celebrated the occasion June 17 with friends at a gala hosted by Mari Rutledge, Wanda Bell and Barbara Prince.........
The Good Book
tells us that giving is a virtue. Recently, Ab Tennant displayed his virtue by donating machine.........
The Dept. Of Mexico
National American Legion convention was held at Chapala Post 7 June 20-22,.......
LCS Needs Gardeners
to volunteer for helping in the summer program of "Adopt a Garden Spot" on the LCS grounds..........
On The Subject Of Doctors:
Dr. J. Manuel Cordova has moved his Guadalajara practice to Ajijic, adding to the list of fine medical doctors in our area.........
Hop On The Bus
to Guadalajara to attend the opening of "Mexican Landscape," photographer Jill Fessenden’s showing .........
The Niños Of Chapala & Ajijic (NCA)
board has been reorganized as follows: William Friend, President (765-5454), Pat Percival Vice President, Roman Monroy Past President .........
Dine With The Shrine:
The next Dine with the Shrine dinner will be Monday, July 17 at Manix Restaurant in Ajijic..........
Only A Few Days Left
—July 15 deadline—to get your entry in to Tod Jonson for a chance at winning one of the PAMELA L. HALL writing awards.........
Sending Mail Through LCS
LCS Vice President Nancy Creegan has announced new rules for sending mail to members of LCS...........
Chapala Legion Emerges
LCS Vice President Nancy Creegan has announced new rules for sending mail to members of LCS...........
"The English/Spanish Medical Guide"
researched and written by Fred and Susan Gendler was designed to assist English-speaking...........
Lunch at the home of Anna Mae MacDonald
As their hostess Anna Mae McDonad toils in the kitchen, some of her guests gather for girl-talk. ...........
Traveling In Mexico? 
If you’re planning to travel by plane within Mexico, be advised that passengers must now check in for their flight three hours earlier than the scheduled take-off time...........
Lost The Ajijic Post Office?  
If you haven’t checked your Ajijic post office box recently, you may not be aware that it has moved. You’ll find it on the carretera next to the "In God We Trust"
Casa Ancianos
Marlene Dunham, President of Casa de Ancianos, with Mike Kaffel, Casa volunteer and designer of the new smoker/grill
Past Lakeside Living