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Founded in 1987
Hidalgo #223
Chapala, Jalisco,
Mexico 45900
Tels. (376) 765-2877,
Fax (376) 765-3528














































April 2006

Adeus-adios-so Long

In a gesture of thanks for the support of the Snow Birds throughout their seasonal stay at Lakeside........

Adios Barbara Hartman
If she hadn’t been so happy to be starting her new life in Yuma, saying goodbye to Barbara Hartman........
Ajijic’s Slow Season Has Arrived:
Pat Doran kicked this season off with a “Back to the 60s” party at the Fabulous 60’s club in Ajijic.......
Averial Miller
brought the whole meaning of Mardi Gras to the 100-plus revelers that enjoyed........
Mexican Fiesta Draws Over 3,000 Supporters:
This is the fifth year that the “Help Create a Smile” grand fiesta.........
Book Signing:
Ed Vlahov had a successful book signing March 9 at Nueva Posada to introduce his latest novel “A Candle Before Midnight.” .......
Gaynell Rose Back By Popular Demand
If you caught her show last April, you’re already aware that Gaynell Rose.........
The Lake Chapala Shriner’s Club
held a “Dine with the Shrine” dinner at Tony’s Restaurant in San Antonio.........
The Golden Strings Annual Concert Benefit
was held March 18 at Salvador’s Restaurant in Ajijic...........
Sure & It’s Grand To Be Irish
St. Patrick’s Day festivities were taking place in most hotels, bars and restaurants all over town.........
They Who Are Loved Are Never Gone
Kenneth Charles Lambert, born May 25, 1944, passed away in Chapala.........
Lakeside Community Awards
This was the 18th year that the community has honored members of the Lakeside area.........
New Circle Productions
The next show of NCP will the “A Prairie Home Companion Easter,”.........
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