Newly Discovered Pyramids In Jalisco:

      Just a little less than two hours from Ajijic, one can view the pyramids left by what is now believed to have been one of the largest and most highly developed pre-Hispanic cultures in western Mexico. Discovered in 1999, the pyramids of Teuchitlan, Jalisco, date back from 1500 BC, and are still undergoing excavation. In addition to the playing fields (similar to those found in the Maya ruins in the Yucatan), the small pyramids had poles for the use of the volador (flyer) who, standing at the peak of the pyramid and held by just a hand-made rope bound around his waist, would fling himself into space and ride upon the wind to the ground below. Jerry O’Connell, a relative newcomer to Lakeside, was struck not only by the pyramids and its history, but also by the feeling of total quiet and serenity that seemed to surround the site. Anyone interested in the history and culture of Mexico—and God knows that should include us all—would benefit by taking this trip back in time to view the remains of a culture that flourished while Europe was still in its Dark Age.