Medicare In Mexico?

      Extending Medicare benefits to eligible American citizens living in foreign countries has never been part of the protocol of the Medicare System. The meeting held January 27 at LCS by the University of Texas Research team that is currently conducting an in-depth study regarding extending benefits to Americans living in Mexico, drew over 100 Lakesiders. The meeting created a lot of questions in the minds of those who would be most affected by this change. Would this program include Americans living in countries other than Mexico? One of the predominant thoughts was if the Social Security System can’t control patient-doctor fraud in the United States where they have jurisdictional power, how on earth could they ever control it in Mexico where US laws are not applicable? And would Mexican doctors and their patients have to adhere to the same laws as their counterparts in the US? Including jail time if they are caught abusing the system? The meeting was geared to allow the research team to ask questions—not to answer questions raised on the floor. The logistics of bringing Medicare to Mexico are considerable, but most eligible Medicare recipients remain hopeful the change will come about.