Codet Aris Vision Institute:

      Were you aware that due mainly to malnutrition in expectant mothers, the onset of cataracts in Mexican children is above the average in this hemisphere? Now, help for these children and adults suffering eye diseases is on the way. Originating in Tijuana—due to its position on the border with the US where doctors and hospitals are close to assist in teaching and providing free medical care—the Codet Foundation is now starting up at Lakeside. With the help and assistance of local residents Mona Li Nieto, Maru Kent, Lidia Zamudio—Surgical and Specialty Nurse—and Aurora Michel of Lloyd, poor Mexicans needing medical help for treatment of cataracts, cornea transplants, glaucoma, pediatric ophthalmology, retina detachments, accident victims and many more eye problems will be available. There is no welfare program in Mexico to support economically disadvantaged people who are risking blindness due to disease or accidents. Should you want to donate and learn more about the Codet Aris Vision Institute, you are urged to contact bilingual speaker Maru Kent at 766-1181. Shortly, Nurse Lidia Zamudio will be leaving for Tijuana to observe and work with the physicians and surgeons, and to ultimately bring this knowledge back to help in assisting doctors who will be treating patients locally.