Just Adios Winnie, But Never Goodbye:

      Though Winnie Waddell now resides in Texas and is no longer a familiar figure among us as we go about our daily lives in Ajijic, we can all look forward to her visits with the wish they be many and extended. Those of us who were fortunate enough to know Winnie for the nine years she lived in Ajijic, will never forget her irrepressible wit, her generous hospitality, her mischievous smile and ability to laugh at herself, and the uninhibited way she could voice her opinion without creating animosity or raising someone’s hackles. On a personal note, Winnie was not only a cherished friend, but also a near neighbor. I’ll especially miss the times we sat on one or the other’s front porch, enjoying a glass—a bottle?—of wine, exchanging viewpoints on how the world turns in Ajijic. Though Winnie is no longer with us physically, the glow her presence left in our hearts will be with us forever.