Walking the Walk

     * The students of Centro de Formacion Jaltepec will hold the first of their quarterly fund raising dinners on Sunday, Sept. 28th starting at 6.30 pm. Procedes help students from impoverished families throughout Mexico to defray some of the cost of their tuition.
     The menu is mango and cherries on cottage cheese, spinach crepes, medallion chicken with mushroom sauce and veggie, with something called Profiteroles with chocolate sauce for the special dessert, all prepared and served by the students. For a donation of 300 pesos you can observe the training and enjoy the one-of-a-kind ambience of this beautiful facility.
     For reservations please contact Linda Buckthorp at 766-1631 or e-mail
buckthorp@laguna.com.mx. Linda is also putting together a special benefit for Silvia Flores’ Centro de Desarrollo Jocotepec, to take place November 4 at gorgeous Riviera Alta. It’s aptly named “Women for Women,” so watch for ads!

    * Local culture got another boost at the Racquet Club, once again the site of an indigenous dance and lake-themed art exhibition last month. Word’s getting around, I guess, because attendance was up by about a whopping 1,000 percent!
     So far the event is free to all, even with free botanas and drinks. The plentiful art and the two full dance troupes, dressed to the nines in authentic Mexican Indian gear, made an impressive display.
     Judy Dykstra-Brown did the honors at the ribbon cutting ceremony. Check it out next time and support culture through ARCOC!