Signing In

        Smile at a stranger today; it increases your face value!
        * I know you’ve heard this: “It takes only 13 muscles to smile, but it takes 42 muscles to frown.” Jack Furness learned that in anatomy class and it stuck so well he told it to me a little while ago. It reminded me of a vignette I’d like to share.
        One recent drizzly morning, I was in my car on the highway, trying (but failing) to ignore the awful way the Tapatios drive here. I turned off toward the lake and noticed one of the endless number of gorgeous young Mexican girls, the kind that don’t realize how spectacularly beautiful they are because they’re so plentiful here.
        This one has a mop and she’s cleaning off her stoop. And she’s smiling. She is by herself, nobody on the street, she’s mopping in the gray morning … and she’s smiling.
In general, Mexicans are just plain happy, it’s that simple. You have to hand it to them, they probably understand a lot about life that most Gringos miss. And they really know how to use their face muscles efficiently too!