Seen & Heard
By Duddessa

     * I wandered into a beautiful garden restaurant recently.  Delightful and spacious it was, and they were playing Bach music!  I needed nothing more.  The place is called Borsalino’s Ristorante Italiano, in Ajijic now seven years.
     Right away I had a question:  “Who are the dancers in the large photographs?”   The owner, Jimmy Borzani, and his lovely wife, graciously answered my questions. “The man in the photo,” Jimmy said, “was my father, Dano Borzani, and yes, he surely was a professional dancer — all over the world.  He was what you call a ‘Natural.’ He won all kinds of prizes.  Hollywood gave him $5,000 to teach George Raft to dance the bolero in that famous movie.  Then they called him again to come back and re-teach Raft, adding $l0,000 to the project… a LOT of money at that time!
     Jimmy told me he didn’t get involved in dancing; he went for sports.  No doubt about it, though, he is proud of his father.  Don’t you just love “Naturals?”