Lake Watch

    * Monte Coxala was the site for the Chapala Basin Commission’s fundraiser last month.  As if to confirm our optimism, the sun came out fiercely just at sunset to ignite the panoramic view of the lake. Cassio Luiselli, assistant secretary of the Environmental Agency of Mexico, gave a detailed presentation, with slides, on the lake’s present dwindling condition and the government’s view of all aspects of the problem. Many lake-themed canvases were silently auctioned, “They Call Me Vida” was presented in English and Spanish, and music and mariachis followed, with abundant botanas.

    * Concurrently, Amigos del Lago is sponsoring a big membership drive. Next time you get a chance to support ANY save-the-lake function, just go for it. The volunteers all give their very best, so let’s follow their example and do what we can.