Activity Lakeside

      * A real skateboard park in Chapala? Ben Wei writes that he was excited to observe, during his last teaching visit, the construction of a skateboard park in the former swimming pool at the Malecon in Chapala. “Skateboarding,” he says, “is the fastest-growing sport in Mexico. If pursued with skill and planning, it quickly takes the place in the youth agenda of drinking, drugs and video games. In Chapala and Ajijic I have encountered a number of skilled ‘patinadores.’ With the ramps and rails of the new skateboard park they will be able to advance to other maneuvers, including aerial turns. I predict that Lakeside residents will come to respect the skills of young people whose skateboarding has thus far seemed only noisy.”
      * Marie Pruden sends along another garden tip for you bug-watchers out there. There’s an insect called the “Squash Vine Bore” whose way of life apparently croaks your squashes. This is a clear-winged moth about 2” long, which deposits eggs all along your precious squash stems, eggs which later hatch into white voracious caterpillars. If you go out at midday and suddenly notice your vines are wilting, take a real close look and you will see some greenish stuff oozing from the holes they have bored.
      Controlling insect damage organically depends on quick action. You might try companion planting with dill seed two weeks prior to your squash planting. If not, slit the stem to remove the caterpillar and then heap the dirt over the damaged vine, and make a big wish that your prize pumpkin will survive so it can be the blue ribbon winner of the horticultural exhibit at the upcoming Second Annual ACA Country Fair.
      * PS: Just at press time I firmed up the date and location for my new beginners Tai Chi and Yoga classes: Sept. 15, 10 am, at La Joya.  Page 34 has details.