By Jackie Hodges

      The focus this month is on "Mi Rinconito," a unique little corner of Sheila Ruof's world that comes to life every Wednesday from 10:00 to 2:00 on her covered patio in Ajijic.
      This brainy lady's passion is fibers. "Not the digestive kind," she said, "but the kinds that make beautiful yarns."
      Sheila gets her high quality yarns from the U.S., Canada, France, Italy and the U.K.
      "Mi Reconito" does not operate as a full-time yarn shop. It came from an idea that grew and grew. She wanted to have a quiet, restful place where one could come for coffee, a bite of chocolate and conversation. An atmosphere where ideas could be exchanged, crafts and lessons taught without external pressure.
      All the necessary props are available to go with the fabrics, such as patterns, needles, and books filled with tempting ideas.
      The morning I was there was a great joy. Not only was I impressed by the calm, peaceful atmosphere, but I was awed by the beautiful selection of yarns whose colors and textures were almost good enough to eat. It was enough to make any novice eager to jump right in and begin creating a masterpiece.
      Sheila is a certified Crochet Instructor. She was taught to crochet by her grandmother and by age 11 she had won prizes for her designs and clothing for Barbie Dolls.
      Life wasn't always so tranquil for Sheila. In her pre Ajijic days, she was
president of a Forbes subsidiary, an investment banker and a management consultant. Recently retired, she now has time to develop her creations.
      Alice Hathaway, another bright creative woman is not only a fine writer, but a fine knitter. So fine, she wrote a monthly column for a knitting magazine. One day, Alice dropped by "Mi Reconito" and became hooked. So much so that she now lends a hand assisting those who need instruction and advice with knitting projects.
      Alice is a compulsive knitter who settled here in 1982. Her knitting style is much like Elizabeth Zimmerman, the grand doyenne of knitting.
      Prior to settling in Ajijic, Alice did a lot of traveling. In China, she forgot her needles and resorted to chopsticks. In Russia, she talked the concierge into holding the yarn she was wrapping. Wherever Alice goes, the knitting goes.
      Drop by Sheila's patio located at Constitution 103B any Wednesday from 10-2. Share a cup of coffee, exchange ideas, absorb what is taught, compare notes and get inspired.