Child of the Month
By Rich Petersen
Marco Antonio Ibarra Camarena

     The bright eyes and winning smile belong to Marco Antonio Ibarra Camarena, who is all of six-and-a-half months old and shown here with his mother Claudia. Marco Antonio lives in Chapala with his two brothers, ages 8 and 3, and his parents. Claudia is a housewife, and Juan Antonio a farmer.
     Because of a prolonged labor, Marco Antonio was born with a serious infection in his tear ducts, which caused his eyes to tear continuously, both clear liquid and a heavy, suppurative pus. Luckily his vision was not affected and a consultation with a specialist at the Hospital Civil revealed that surgery would be necessary to clean out the infected area. To be sure there was no concurrent infection other than in the tear ducts, Marco Antonio’s doctor first explored his upper nasal passage, and when she found no sign of infection there, proceeded two weeks later with surgery to remove the infection in the tear ducts.
     As you can see in the photograph, Marco Antonio’s bright eyes captivate those he looks at. According to his doctor he seems to have no signs of recurrent infection and his tear ducts now function normally. His mother told us that he remained his usual happy self during all examinations and even immediately post-op. There were members of the Niños group who would have adopted this lovely child had that been necessary, such is his wonderful smile and bright personality. Niños Incapacitados has paid for all of Marco Antonio’s consultations, surgery and medicine, for which his parents are very grateful and could not have afforded on their own.
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