"Did You Know?"
By Jean Sutherland

Did You Know?
     That every day your dog needs 30 ml. of water per. kilo of its weight.
* That raw fish can cause your dog to have a lack of B1-vitamins.
* That egg white can cause your dog to have a lack of biotin.
* That it is only necessary to wash a dog if it smells, is dirty or is suffering from worms.
* That a shed period only should last 3 weeks.
* That you never should shout at or beat your dog.
* That your dog needs to be inoculated for rabies before traveling to foreign countries.
* That an unbrushed and untrimmed dog can cause eczema and itching.
* That a dog's teeth need to be brushed one to two times a week to avoid
tartar and periodontal disease.
* That overweight can increas the risk for heart disease by 74%, and cancer by 50% and kidney problems by 50% and metabolic disorders by 75%.
* That besides healthy food a dog needs a lot of fresh air and exercise.
* That even fully mature dogs should not be alone more than 6-8 hours.

And Did You Know?

* That a cat is an animal which likes routines, which means that it likes its own bowl, basket and likes the routine of one common schedule for eating.
* That it can still have a sense of where it is with 1/6 of the light of what a human being can.
* That it can't taste sweet things.
* That is can "smell with its tongue" by small "smell cells" behind the front tooth in the upper part of its mouth.
* That it likes to eat sour food.
* That it gets its sexual maturity by the age of 6?9 months.
* That it takes 20-30 breaths per minute.
* That it gets 26 teeth for only a limited time period and 30 teeth which stay for life.
* That the most active part of a cat's life is at night.
* That it should have a vaccine against cat disease and influenza.
* That it should have a worm cure at least once a year.
* That it should have cat food - and not dog food.
* That it should drink a lot of water if it is castrated in order to minimize urine problems.
* That a cat who stops eating dry food can have teeth and gum problems.

New Vet At Lakeside

     I am so pleased to hear about a new vet clinic that is now open at Lakeside. Finally we will have access to a vet on the premises 24 hours a day. This is great news for all animal owners at Lakeside. How often have we needed a vet after hours because of a serious crisis and had great difficulty in finding someone. The new clinic is on the south side of the Carretera, east of Maskaras Clinic. More details next month.
     We would like to thank the Lakeside Spay & Neuter Group for all their assistance in helping us get some of our animals spayed. You will find them at Superlake on Saturdays and at Lloyds on Mondays collecting funds. They have spayed over 200 animals in the lakeside area. As you can imagine, this will make a huge dent in the puppy and kitten population. The more animals spayed, the sooner the problem of animal overpopulation will be solved.