What are the odds? Professor Eduard Prugovecki wrote a book called Memoirs of the Future. Imagine his surprise to find another professor had published a book with the same title. The two authors got in touch with each other and found the books, each an original about the future had been published nearly at the same time.
     If you like books, computers, art, and seminars, set time aside to visit the Monte Carlo. Opening ceremonies for the Book and Computer Fair begin Wednesday in the late afternoon of March 13 and closing day is Sunday. This year an artists corner has been added, and children's workshops in addition to several other workshops, and computers and components. All this in addition to over fifty exhibitors. This Book Fair has steadily improved since its inception.
     It's early, but the way social events pile up around here, it won't hurt to circle these dates on your calendar. November 20-23. Those are the dates for the International Film Festival. Since American Thanksgiving falls on Nov. 28 it won't interfere with eating time or beach time. Several positions need to be filled, such as chairperson for the jury panels, and someone to oversee the entries. A new category this year will be Commercials. If you want to be in the swim and have fun, call Jim or Robin at 776-3070. You will meet professionals in the movie industry from all over the world.
     March is the time to reserve your seats for the coming MAS season. It's going to be a huge program next year and you don't want to be one of those, "I wish I hadda's." Season tickets go on sale for season ticket holders March 11 at the auditorio 10-noon. All other ticket sales can be purchased on March 18 and 21…same hours.
     Remember the beautiful duets between Nelly Perche and Otto Klein in the opening concert of the season? Well, those two gorgeous people are due back for an encore March 14 at the auditorio. Lucky, lucky us.
     Last month, the town was full of people here for the bridge sectional. Many players come just because they have heard so many nice things about Mexico and Ajijic in particular. Some of them come back and stay.
     Dedication of the Technical University on March 12 @ 10:30 and the launching of the new high school. This is a major feat for our community and a big thanks to the instigators, the Mexican Government and to the contributors. We had a happening.
     This month it's Asian main dishes and St. Paddy's type desserts. Wish the Culinary members would put some of those mouth-watering recipes in a book for the general public.