Betty Bachelor lost her wallet on a Friday afternoon. She thought she had left it at Lloyds, but on inquiring on Monday, she found it wasn't there. Hmmmm. She retraced her Friday steps. She remembered buying a plant at the nursery by the Cable Company. Going there, she found smiles of joy when she asked about the wallet followed by a sigh of relief when it was returned to her intact.
   Mal and Donna McElroy have jetted off to South Africa for an extended visit with family.
   Tony Dare reports there is a NOVICE (0 to 20 master points) Game every Friday morning at 9:30 at the Bridge Center. For information call Tony at 766 1232.
   Lara Daans came to visit her mother, Taylore K. Coby. Lara is in the movie business.    Around the 1st of July, she and her husband, Damian Lee will start shooting a family action adventure called, "Change of Pace," in the scenic mountain village of Collingwood, Ontario. Lara, an attractive, lithe, young woman is five foot eight inches of toned muscle similar to Demi Moore. She works out every day and also manages to fit in TV ads for Nike and E trade. When she is not acting, writing a script or doing a TV ad, she teaches Yoga, Spinning, and Tae Bo. She and Damian have submitted a feature film for consideration in the film festival here called, " Woman Wanted." featuring Holly Hunter and Keifer Sutherland. Lara said getting the financing for a picture depends on what is known as a "bankable" star who will draw the public. If the star is popular, but has reputation for holding up production, a bond may be required. Next comes securing a distributor who pre-sells the picture and guarantees release in selected theaters, plus the expense of the hype that precedes the release. Getting a picture from inception to reality averages between one and five years. Lara has a gorgeous sister named, Kim, who…..but that's another story.