A bunch of Lakesiders went to see La Traviata, Verdi's opera with beautiful music, but tragic results. Mary Andrews exposed Dan Hill to his first ever opera. Haven't been able to contact him to see how he liked it. Several opera lovers, among them Jim Lloyd, Robin Lawrenson,, Anya and Marty Flesh, and Marcia and George Gemaise make a night of it. After the opera they dine out and stay overnight. Fun and no traffic hassles. HOWEVER, this opera started late and by the time it was over, their plans to dine at Santo Coyote went down the drain.
   Margaret Sloat organized a deluxe air conditioned bus to take a group to the Art and Craft Show at the Expo Center in Guad. The jewelry booths were packed with potential buyers. Not as much traffic, but the discriminate buyer certainly found emerald baubles of all sizes to drool over in the Colombian display. Someone with the initials of W.W. found an exquisite pair of emerald earrings to her liking. A bunch of us footsore shoppers went to Nudies Restaurant, newly opened by the youthful owner of Santo Coyote. The decor is stark with several photos of parts of nude torsos, male and female decorating the walls.    The only clue to finding the bathrooms is the enlarged unclothed torsos of a man and a woman in close chest to breast embrace. Yep…behind the woman is the ladies. No one was overly impressed with the food. The 12.00 (US) fines cheese plate came with miniature pieces of cheese, centered by a mound of alfalfa sprouts, When no crackers showed up the diner asked the waiter for some and was told the appetizer did not come with crackers or rolls. One had to wonder how one was supposed to eat the soft goat cheeses. A member of our party ordered soup and salad, but when we had all finished and the bills were presented, he still had not been served. It was chalked up to another adventurous dining experience in Guadalajara. It made for lively going home conversation and all were happy with the savings they had made on their purchases.
   Everyone got into the act when volunteers showed up to give The School of the Deaf a face lift. The Navy League donated 75 gallons of paint and the league members put it to use.
   Adele Morgan-Cordero's winning poster representing the 3rd annual film festival is a smash. The attractive poster says it all and manages to get the honoree, Lake Chapala in both the foreground and backdrop. Copies graced the walls of Lloyds as couples danced the night away at the "Tribute Award" fund raiser.
   School of the Deaf dinner dance, "Black, White and Wild" will resume this year. Back by popular demand. Stay tuned for more details.
   The regional bridge tournament in Guadalajara was a success. Visitors were impressed by the warm hospitality and the events planned for them. Locally, Ruth and Jack McDonald became Life Masters at the event.