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December 2011

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Title Author Hits
Hearts at Work - December 2011 Written by James Tipton 795
Lakeside Living - December 2011 Written by Shelley Edson 6605
SOME SHOCKING INFORMATION Written by Robert Kleffel and Jim Tipton 505
FUNNY STRANGE Written by John Hicks 724
Tamed Written by Bonnie L. Phillips 305
Changing The Future Written by Mike and Sally Myers 466
RE-DESIGNING ANGEL’S WINGS Written by Bob Tennison 360
Congressional Reform! 278
THE LEGEND OF THE KWAYTAYS Written by Micki Wendt 290
Intel 2012 Lakeside Community Awards Written by Tod Jonson 591
Madre Written by Liza Bakewell A book review by Kay Davis 620
A New Team Manages the Student Aid Program for LCS Written by Submitted by Blue 454
Communicating In “Latin American Written by June Summers 792
Swap Meet Written by Allen McGill 467
The Phoenix: Short Stories, Vignettes and Anecdotes Written by Robert Bruce Drynan A review by James Tipton 454
SUMMARY EXECUTION Written by Kenneth G. Crosby 471
World’s Worst Puns 6897
Our Mexican Help Written by Barbara Hildt 333
MELANOMA AT CHAPALA’S LAKESIDE —EARLY DETECTION Written by Dra. Andrea B. Ruiz Leal and Dr. Luis Enrique Sánchez Dueñas 190
Moving To Ecuador Written by Neil McKinnon 754
December Delights Written by Tod Jonson 269
CHRISTMAS ANGELS Written by Gale Griffith 348
Of Myth And Reality Written by Fred Mittag 189
RUTH ROSS MERRIMER Written by * 169
Slumber Party At Conan O’Brian’s Written by Michael Cook 368
GLORIA MARTHAI - December 2011 Written by * 210
Letter to the Editor Written by * 151
THE OLDER MAN—Part One Written by Michael Cook 1095
Single And Female In America Written by Pat Percival 174
It Keeps Getting Better Written by Herbert W. Piekow 991
STAY HEALTHY! - December 2011 Written by J. Manuel Cordova, M. D. 537
FRONT ROW CENTER - December 2011 Written by * 1267
Gods of the Earth Written by Rob Mohr 213
Asheville Ivy Written by Rob Mohr 212
Focus on Art - december 2011 Written by Rob Mohr 651
Anita’s Animals - December 2011 Written by Jackie Kellum 865
THIS WORLD of OURS - December 2011 Written by Bob Harwood 765
A NEW LEASE—on Life! - December 2011 Written by Judit Rajhathy, B.A., RNCP, D.Ac. 694
Viva la Vida Loca - December 2011 Written by Sergio Drumond 649
Child of the month - December 2011 Written by Rich Petersen 774
Welcome to Mexico - December 2011 Written by Victoria Schmidt 766
Joyful Musings - December 2011 Written by Joy Birnbach Dunstan, MA, LPC, MAC 915
BRIDGE BY THE LAKE - December 2011 Written by Ken Masson 720
Uncommon Common Sense - December 2011 Written by Bill Frayer 523
THE TENTH MUSE— Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (1648-1695) Written by Mark Sconce 6599
Editor’s Page - December 2011 Written by Alejandro Grattan-Dominguez 732