By Michael Warren
May 2015 The Dixie Swim Club
April 2015 I, Claudia
March 2015 Night of the Iguana
February 2015 Wrong Turn at Lungfish
January 2015 Sinderella
December 2014 Betrayal
November 2014 Bravo For Bedtime
October 2014 The Last Romance 
September 2014 Lakeside Little Theatre– 50th Anniversary Season
May 2014 Social Security
April 2014 Hooray for Hollywood!
March 2014 Blood Relations
February 2014 Lakeside Little Theatre – Season 50
January 2014 Over The River and Through the Woods
December 2013 The Heiress
November 2013 Local Hero
October 2013 The Upcoming Season 49
September 2013 Tickle Your Fancy
May 2013 Not Now, Darling
April 2013 The Drowsy Chaperone
March 2013 Season 49!
February 2013 Too Soon For Daisies
January 2013 Best Wishes
December 2012 I’ll Be Back Before Midnight
November 2012 Quartet
August 2012 Summer Scenes
May 2012 Sex Please, We’re Sixty
April 2012 A Taste of Broadway
March 2012 Nostalgia
February 2012 How The Other Half Loves
January 2012 Greetings!
December 2011 No Clue? The Stage Play
November 2011 The Kitchen Witches
May 2011 The Foreigner
April 2011 The Pajama Game
March 2011 Tribute
February 2011 The Lakeside Little Theatre
– A Historical Note
January 2011 Lend Me a Tenor
December 2010 Blithe Spirit
November 2010 Our Lady Of The Tortilla
May 2010 Cash On Delivery
April 2010 The Boy Friend
March 2010 The Dresser
January 2010 Don’t Dress For Dinner
December 2009 The Mousetrap
November 2009 Regrets Only
May 2009 Looking
April 2009 Kiss Me Kate
February 2009 Incorruptible
January 2009 Twelve Angry Jurors
December 2008 The Hollow
November 2008 Office Hours
October 2008 Looking forward to the season at Lakeside Little Theatre
August 2008 LLT Summer Studio
May 2008 Laura
April 2008 Little Mary Sunshine
March 2008 Dancing at Lughnasa
February 2008 Front Row Center
January 2008 Same Time Next Year
December 2007 Doubt
November 2007 For Long and Fatal Service
May 2007 For Long and Fatal Service
May 2007 La Cage aux Folles
April 2007 Quilters
March 2007 The Good Doctor
February 2007 Spanglish Imposition
January 2007 Rashomon
December 2006 The Glass Menagerie
November 2006 Sinners
May 2006 Caught In The Net
April 2006 The Odd Couple
April 2006 Cabaret
March 2006 The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild
Febraury 2006 Twigs
January 2006 Carousel
January 2006 Light Up The Sky
December 2005 Ancestral Voices
November 2005 The Ladies of the Camellias
May 2005 Being There
April 2005 The Lion in Winter
March 2005 With a Song in My Heart
February 2005 The Fourth Wall
January 2005 Plaza Suite
December 2004 The Burning Man
November 2004 The Love Of Four Colonels
October 2004 Time in the Theatre
June 2004 Anatomy of a Critic
May 2004 Bell, Book and Candle
April 2004 My Fair Lady
March 2004 Proof
February 2004 An Inspector Calls
January 2004 Any Wednesday
December 2003 In One Bed…and Out the Other
November 2003 Something’s Afoot
October 2003 Persona and the Theatre
June 2003 Charting the Boards 2002-2003 LLT Season
May 2003 Don’t Drink the Water
April 2003 MS Pinafore
Or “The Lass Who Loved a Sailor
March 2003 The Cemetery Club
February 2003 A.R. Gurney, Jr.’s, “THE DINING ROOM”
Janaury 2003 Driving Miss Daisy
December 2002 Front Row Center
November 2002 Front Row Center
October 2002 Fear in the Theater
March 2002 The Gingerbread Lady
primi sui motori con e-max
Quinceañera By Mikel Miller   If you ever get an invitation to a quinceañera in Mexico, don’t miss it. It's the special Spanish
  May 2015 Please select one: Online format Only articles (respond to any article here) Magazine style format Articles
Editor’s Page By Alejandro Grattan-Dominguez For more editorials, visit: Follow the Money!   Good movies
EL OJO DEL LAGO—In the beginning were the words By Dale Hoyt Palfrey (Originally published in September 1994)   In 1984, a new wave of foreign
“Normal Muslims” And The Paris Assassins By Kenneth G. Crosby   A commentator on CNN, addressing the hideous assassinations in Paris, said

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