Anita’s Animals

By Jackie Kellum


anita-at-marketKitten season has arrived in high gear at Anita’s sanctuary. By the number of arrivals last month, you would think there was a “ maternity ward “or “ vacancy ” sign posted outside . Within just 10 days   in May, 12 pregnant cats arrived, so far along in their pregnancy, the only thing to do was wait till kittens have been born. Later, these Moms will be spayed. Kittens in large numbers have also been arriving. Many people have been most kind by donating kitten and cat food to help support the extra daily expenses of their feeding. Until kitten season is over, the need will continue for extra cat food.

Anita has a replacement truck! In March, her 1988 pickup truck was stolen while she was at the Ajijic market. Not having a vehicle has created great difficulty for Anita picking up rescues and donated food and items, and getting animals to the Vet. Several people have provided help by providing transportation for these tasks while funds were raised. The community responded in a compassionate and generous manner. In particular, the Raquet Club residents and those who attend a fund raiser event deserve a large thank you. This RC event organized by Lisa Le and Maurita Morrill, raised almost half of the funds needed for the purchase of a vehicle. An anonymous donor also gave 10,000 pesos toward the truck fund. Thank you all who have been very generous with your donations.

Sadly, Mexico like NOB, also has puppy mills. You can recognize these so-called “designer puppies” held up high in the air by vendors, advertising them for sale. Most of these puppies are tiny, very young, and not necessarily healthy puppies. I have heard many sad stories from folks who have spent a lot of money purchasing such a puppy, then incur large vet bills and have their heart broken when their puppy died a terrible death. Purchasing these puppies is supporting this cruel practice of puppy mills. Our area certainly is not lacking in its own un-planned brand of “designer dogs;” local dog shelters can attest to this by the volumes they take in. Although puppies and kittens are cute, they do grow up unless they meet an untimely and cruel death. Pet over-population continues, with more pets than there are homes for them.

Anita receives no specific funding   help with spay-neutering expenses for the rescued animals she takes in. To help support Anita with these specific   expenses, a group of individuals called Animals Buddies has organized a fun fund raiser - an evening with live music and a spaghetti dinner event. The event will take place on Friday,   June 17th, 5P - 8PM at Salvador’s restaurant – Ajijic. The live American and Mexican traditional music is being provided by local professional musicians. Tickets cost 190 pesos, and can be purchased at the tianguis – Anita’s Animals booth, Vet Pepe Magana’s office, Salvador’s restaurant, Diane Pearl’s and Mia’s Boutique. Look for the advertising   about this event which will give more details about the evening.

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