The Right To Die

By Rosemary Dineen




It’s alright to die
Bodies come and bodies go
It’s alright to die
It just might make you feel better
We whine and grouse, fuss and fret
Stretching, exercising, yogaing and yet
Why don’t we just kick back, relax
Let it happen, yes own Death.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s no great hurry
Let’s do our dance, sing our songs

But what’s all this need to stay around so long
When our song is over/our audience will tell us

So Let’s get off the stage and try another, who knows
Maybe up high, or way down low
It’ll be one or the other, for sure, we all know
It’s alright to die
Bodies come and bodies go
It’s alright to die
It just might make you feel better
Our cash is running way too low
To doctor, labs, prescriptions, that’s where our pesos go
I say enough, I’m not going to this anymore.
It’s alright to die
Bodies come and bodies go
It’s alright to die
It just might make you feel better
It’s like climbing Mt. Everest one steps at a time
Why would we ever want to do this climb?
All this pretending to hear what’s said
Buying batteries for aids, why do they always go dead

One more pacemaker, I don’t know
Maybe yes, maybe no

And why not skip that next doctor’s appointment
Instead let’s raise a ruckus in town with some friends

When our eyes give up, refuse to see
And our brain are always scrambling
Come on, let’s give it up, roll over

It just might make us all feel better



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