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Anita’s Animals

By  Jackie Kellum


With the start of this new year, Anita’s Animals is still taking care of late arrivals from the 2010 prolonged and very high puppy and kitten season. Several arrived motherless requiring foster care. The majority arrived young, having been tossed away, in need of nourishment, loving care and protection until a home is found. The notion of spaying and neutering still has not been grasped as well as it should be. Possibly there is a lack of formal educational programs addressing respect for animals, the benefits of spaying-neutering, and adequate resources to accomplish this humane approach to controlling cat/dog over-population.

I believe there are two options: we can sit back and say “what a terrible thing!”, or, like building a house, one brick at a time, we can do individual education, and support organizations/individuals that promote and help pay for spaying and neutering. We each choose the attitude and methodology we believe in to deal with this problem of preventable over-breeding.

Each cat or dog arrives with a story, some coming with visible scars or wounds. Most times that past history is only known to that individual creature.   However, they are very forgiving about the previous unpleasant experiences they have had with humans. A somewhat young black male Dobe-mix arrived at Anita’s a very short time ago. He had been living on his own on the streets of a small town on the lake. A kind Mexican woman noticed him near where she lived several days in a row. She started feeding him. He appeared gentle but worried at first when he was approached, which quickly vanished.   Although she has only a small “house” with no yard, she tried to help him by taking him in, hoping that he could become part of her family. The small dog that she had for years had other thoughts, as it would attack this Dobe boy. Being the kind fellow that he is, he would just walk away and not even defend   himself or his food.

This woman had heard about Anita from some people in her town. She called Anita, and with the help of some friends who had a truck, she arrived with the dog. Someone at sometime tried to cut his tail, and did a terrible job. Fortunately, they did not try to crop his ears. He is not the handsomest of dogs, but he is certainly one of the sweetest you will ever meet. A volunteer has taken him out on walks, and although he’s not had any previous experiences with a leash, he has done pretty well. He mainly craves human attention and affection. At this writing he is still available for adoption.

The previous designer & owner of Anita’s Animals domain name and website has graciously transferred ownership of the domain name to Anita herself. The new website is under construction, and a new PayPal account is being created with money going directly to Anita. Until then, donations that you might want to make can be accomplished by giving it to Anita herself when she is at the Wednesday Ajjijc tianguis , or at her animal sanctuary in San Juan Cosala [outside the Raquet club]   or, write a check to: Anita Strehlow, [NOT Anita’s Animals], and send it to: Anita Strehlow, 5802 Bob Bullock C1 #328C – 267A, Laredo TX 78041. Cats and dogs do go to Heaven, but let’s not send them there before their time. Thank you all for your much appreciated help and support.

Watch Your Step!

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