If We Love Only One Person

By Jim Tipton



If we love only one person,

that is obsession and not love.


If we love only one religion,

one thing is certain: we are not religious.


If we love only one house

we do not know what home really is.


When we look deeply into the eyes of a stranger

and think: “This woman also is my wife,

or this man also is my husband,”

then we are beginning to make some progress.


And what about that old crone,

and that old derelict? Yes,

they also are Father and Mother.


Some days all the women in the world

are wearing a single skirt,

and all the men fit into a single pair of shoes.


On those days we no longer blame ourselves

because it has taken us so long to learn to love.


On those days we can say it is God,

God who has made us crazy.


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