anita-at-market-3Anita’s Animals

By Jackie Kellum


Who is Anita? Anita is many different things to various people. She is an educator for the young and some adults,   instructing them   about proper respect and care for animals. She sometimes is a family counselor/confidant when a person is having a difficult time dealing with problems at home. Anita is a “battery recharger“ for the human spirit and soul. She acts as a source of animal care information or resource as to where that person can go to seek help, if not from her herself. She is an international gathering place at the Ajijic tianguis for conversations, spoken in German, English and Spanish.  

Most view Anita as their “safety net” to take in a rescued cat or dog. Some liken her to a type of Mother Teresa of animals, as she has a gentle, open, non-judgmental, endlessly giving, heart for all living things – animals and humans alike.

Through word of mouth, many   people are familiar with Anita and her caring reputation. They come to her as they trust her, knowing she will help them when their animal is sick, or when they have found or rescued an abused animal, and they will not be sent away without any kind of help.

The month of December was a fairly normal month. Accepted into the sanctuary: 186 kittens/cats, and 217 puppies/ dogs. During “kitten and puppy season” the in-coming numbers are higher. On the happy side of the numbers, there were adoptions of 93 kittens/ cats, and 98 puppies/ dogs into forever homes. Adoptions are free, with the hope that the new adoptive parent will make a donation, so Anita’s rescue work can continue. Doing the math, there were more incoming than out-going. Nonetheless, pretty remarkable numbers for just one month--imagine that number multiplied by twelve months.

If you think the food bill for your pet family is high, imagine having to get the money for, and buying 160 Kilos/ 353 pounds of dry dog food and 95 kilos/209 pounds of dry cat food, each month. This dry food is supplemented with canned and fresh meat. Speaking of money, it costs about 160 pesos to vaccinate   each new in-coming cat or dog, if they do not arrive with a vaccination record. Rabies vaccine is provided by Jalisco State to animal shelters to administer.

Ways to help support Anita’s Animals: donation of cat & dog food,   items that can be used for “re-sale”   like cat/dog crates, pet items, clean gently used clothing, small household items like appliances, paperback books, and newspaper used in lieu of kitty litter, etc. Cash donations allow Anita to buy needed vaccines and pay Vet bills.

Anita’s Animals, is a no-kill cat and dog sanctuary located in San Juan Cosala, about half way up the road to the Raquet Club. There is a sign in the road divider indicating a left turn. She is open 7 days a week, 9AM – 2PM and   4PM – 6PM. Anita lives on the premises of the sanctuary.  

Base your opinion about Anita’s Animals by talking and visiting with her yourself, not another’s opinion.   Website: - it has a PayPal account for donations. Anita is at the Wednesday Ajijic tianguis each   week , 6AM – 3PM, regardless of the weather, a little way down from Salvador’s Restaurant. Stop by and say hello!

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