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(Wherein we publish some comments about our previous issues.)

NEWSPAPER-COLOR-2Pancho Villa’s Granddaughter - October 2010

* Car lockout Jacob

She seems to me like a very interesting person who comes from an extraordinary background. As much as I can see it didn’t affect her too much, and that is good, at least in my opinion.

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Raul Nava is in the acknowledgements of the book entitled, White Male Privilege. His father Ernesto Nava was recently in a Mexico City newspaper.


* Karl Homann

I loved your column about the insane and inhumane US embargo of Cuba. Your comments are right on target. Guess what? I am going to Cuba in November for three weeks to “trade with the enemy,” as official American government policy puts it. How un-American of me! Boy, at times like these it feels so good to be Canadian.

A NEW LEASE—on Life! - June 2011

* Develotte

It’s really a good experience!

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