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Anita’s Animals

By Jackie Kellum


anitas animalsWe all look forward to Spring, which technically started March 20th. But local cats and dogs pushed up that date with “Kitten and Puppy season” starting several weeks earlier. Between the last week in February and the first week in March, which is only two weeks, Anita took in 43 puppies, and 23 kittens. One pregnant dog had 11 puppies and another had 8 puppies. This count does not include adult cats/dogs that also arrived.

Healthy kittens and puppies that have been born, should not be killed by any means: poison, needle, starvation, drowning, etc. – the solution is birth control. Although all puppies and kittens are adorable, the simple math and reality is, there are more cats/dogs, than there are available homes. Please, support efforts to spay and neuter, so our local pet population can be controlled.

A youngish Dobe male dog was featured in this February column; his story now has a happy ending. Sultan found his forever home. A Mexican family, three generations actually, who all live together on a large ranch across the lake, came to Anita’s to find a family dog. Anita and this family have known each other for many years, as they got their first dog from her about 9 years ago. Sadly, their dog died recently at age 11 years. They saw Sultan, and he saw them – his tail wagging like a rapid metronome - it was love at first sight! He happily jumped in the car with the children, his new parents and grandparents, off to enjoy a life filled with loving care, respect, trust and lots of space to run and play with his human companions.

A reminder that Anita has available at her sanctuary site many hard bound books. These books cover such subjects as: art, nature, music, fiction, history, opera, sailing, travel, cookbooks, “coffee table” type books, and just about anything else you can imagine. Because of the weight and volume of these books, she cannot bring them to the Wednesday Ajijic market with the paperback books that are available for a donation. If you need directions to Anita’s, please ask at the market and we can help you, or send an e-mail to her website, and a map can be sent to you.

Anita has a new website: “Anita’s Animals sanctuary,” check it out. For those who have a family pet and think and worry about them in the event that you, their “parent” should become sick, or worse, there is a tab called: Pet Godparents that can help you. It will guide you in writing out instructions about your wishes for them, and detailing specific information about their individual care. The form is in PDF format, which you can fill out, print, and have it available in your home for the person who will need to come in and care for them.

With the early increase of in-coming cats/dog, your donations are especially appreciated. No contribution is too small. We gladly accept cat and dog food [canned or dry], non-slick newspapers used in lieu of kitty litter, CDs, DVDs, paperback books, clean and gently used clothing, small appliances, etc. that can be made available for “re-sale.” Money is utilized to buy food, necessary preventive vaccines, and help pay for medical care for those animals that arrive sick or injured. Thank you for your support in this rescue work!


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