With Ed Tasca, Allen McGill, Diana Rowland and Roberto Ortiz providing the super entertainment, the latest luncheon—which drew well over a hundred people—was one of our best ever.
To our winners—heartiest congratulations, and to the other nominees, we send along our thanks, and say to them: Wait’ll Next Year!


* My Sex Life as a Fire Hydrant
Jeremy Monroe Mar 11
* Cocktails with Nefertiti
Herbert Piekow Dec 10
* Nudist Camp Etiquette
Gail Nott Dec 10
* Maggie and Hot Sheets Motel
Roberta Rich Mar 11
* Cutter Ant Apocalypse
Ed Tasca Mar 11
* Radiation Tour of Japan
Jonny Kottler May 11

* How Could I Not
Gloria Palazzo Aug 11





* Havoc in Motion By Jay White,
Review by Jim Tipton Nov 10
* Female Nomads & Friends, various
writers including Kelly Hayes-Raitt
Reviewed by Mel Goldberg
* The General and the Jaguar By
Eileen Welsome Review by Jay White

* Concepts of Intelligence By Tom Halley,
Review by Bill Frayer Aug 11
* The Dark Side of the Dream By
Alejandro Grattan, Review by Rob Mohr

* Shirley Applebaum-Director at the LLT
Kay Davis Feb 11
* Roy Nolan
Harriet Hart Sept 11
* Roberto Moulun-Voice of the Spaniard
Ed Tasca April 11

* Kelly Hayes-Raitt
Margaret Van Every May 11
* Martha Aceves
Margaret Porter







* First Anglo/Afghan War
Ken Clarke Dec 10
* Mother Mexico
Bill Frayer Jan 11

* Agony & Ecstasy
Mark Sconce Jan 11
* The Beat Goes On
Michael Cook Feb 11
* Special Time of Life
Margaret Van Every May 11







* Night of the Dead
Carol Bowman Nov 11
* Tongue-Tied
Kelly Hayes-Raitt

(Accepted by Victoria Schmidt)
* Go Stick it in Your Ear
Peter Gibbons Jan 11
* An Older Woman
Patricia Hemingway May 11
* Pay the Gardener What He’s Worth
Margaret Porter July 11







* Refugio de Maria
Jim Tipton Dec 10
* What´s a Girl to Do
Michael McLaughlin May 11
* A Lure
David Bryen Mar 11
* No Country for Old Accountants
Rob Krakoff Oct 10
* Wherefore Art Thou, Grandma Minnie
Bob Tennison May 11







* Bob Harwood
* Ken Clarke
* Jim Tipton
* Fred Mittag
* Neil McKinnon
(Accepted by Ken Clarke)










* Mexico Leapfrogs into the 21st Century
Dr. Rick Rhoda Feb. 2011
* Golden Age of Mexican Cinema
Herbert Piekow April 10

* Brujas of California & Mexico
Fred Mittag May 11
* Maximilian-Emperor of Mexico
Herbert Piekow Aug 11
* Lincoln and the Copperheads
David Harper July 11








* Lakeside Living
Kay Davis

* Welcome to Mexico
Victoria Schmidt
* Joyful Musings
Joy Birnbach Dunstan
* Uncommon Common Sense
Bill Frayer
* New lease on Life
Judit Rajhathy








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