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(Wherein we publish some comments about our previous issue.)


Dann Alexander

The amount of misinformation in American Media about Canada is startling to say the least. But this is what we get in the age of Nancy Grace.


Gloria Bryen

The Editor’s Page article “Uncle Sam Goes on Life-Support” is an eye-opening summary of what has happened to my country in the past ten years. I am glad that I am an American and do not take for granted all the benefits I received by growing up in the USA. Now I am equally saddened that a consistent tunnel vision, reactivity, and hero mentality on the part of our leaders would cause us to rush to wars even while putting the bill on our (my) credit card. It reminds me of the individuals I saw standing on street corners in my home town at the start of the Iraq war holding American flags with a sign: “These colors don’t run.” Well, they do fade.

Fred Mittag

The Editor’s Page for the August issue is like a light turned on in a dark room. And the light reveals a terrible mess. Alejandro Grattan has performed a great public service with this editorial. It should be published in every newspaper in America. Above all, President Obama needs to read it, so that he may recall a statement by President Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs fiasco: “I’ll never listen to a general again.”


Larry $ilver$stein

Actually, Goyim, you have it all wrong.
Those weren’t ARABS dancing and hi-fiving on those 5 white vans full of explosives, those were Israeli MOSSAD agents. (911 dancing Israelis)
Those weren’t planes that brought down the WTC 1&2, that was NANO-THERMITE. (911 WTC Termite)
Absolutely NOTHING hit WTC 7, yet it fell @ 5:30 (predicted by BBC) in a “controlled demolition” manner. (911 WTC 7 BBC Video)
The ANTHRAX attack targeted ONLY 2 US Senators, Daschle and Leahy. Goyim--what had those 2 done 8 days earlier that none of the other 98 Senators had done??
They voted AGAINST the USA Patriot Act! (911 Anthrax)
Over 200 TONS of GOLD was stored in the basement of WTC 1! How much was recovered in the cleanup? NONE!! (911 Gold Heist)
Goyim-I collected $7 Billion! Now I have to go to Temple, then go down to City Hall to change my name from $ Gold$tein.

Mark S

Well-said article that expresses everything I have felt for a very long time! As an American, and as Christian, the last decade has been the lowest point for our country that I can ever recall in American history. The last 1/2 century for America has been like a tale of two cities - it was the best of times, and it was the worst of times. American best has been innovation, economic strength, and freedom, but that is all changing and not for the better. It has been the worst of times for America with rejecting God, the Bible and prayer, insatiable appetite for sex and greed, supporting the military industrial complex, self-focus career political leaders, DC lobbyists, and a media that is a lap dog, not a watch dog. It is sad to see such a great nation start to fall in a way very much similar to the Roman Empire.

primi sui motori con e-max

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