This World Of Ours
By Bob Harwood
December 2011 Unfinished Business
October 2011 Planning For The Future
September 2011 Island Reflections
June 2011 My Vision For Canada
May 2011 People Power Goes Global
April 2011 The Power Of Words
March 2011 Egypt At The Epicenter
February 2011 America’s Day Of Reckoning
January 2011 Transitions In Global Leadership
December 2010 Our Russian Adventure
November 2010 Perspectives For A New World
October 2010 The American Dream
August 2010 G8 And G20—Summits In Transition
June 2010 Financial Chaos And Reform
May 2010 The World We Now Share
April 2010 The Israeli Palestinian Conflict
March 2010 Unfinished Business
February 2010 A New Global Dynamic
January 2010 Copenhagen Hopes And Expectations
December 2009 Europe Points The Way
November 2009 The Other Europe
October 2009 The Health Care Debate
September 2009 Scorecard On Climate Change
August 2009 A Day in the Life of Obama
July 2009 America Rejoins The World
June 2009 Revising The Dream —
May 2009 A New World Order
April 2009 Sharing A Continent
March 2009 I Too Have a Dream
February 2009 Needed: New Thinking For 2009
January 2009 Hopes and Expectations
December 2008 Transitions In Global Leadership
November 2008 Economics For A Crowded Planet
October 2008 At Odds With The Nation
September 2008 Where Is Canada Going?
August 2008 The Global Food Crisis
July 2008 Needed: A New World Vision
June 2008 Olympic Gamesmanship
May 2008 Global Warming - Bali Highs And Lows
April 2008 China—Global Engagement
March 2008 China In Transition
February 2008 The Nature of China
January 2008 China - First Impressions
December 2007 Reclaiming The Village
November 2007 Global Warming Complexities
October 2007 From Tony Blair to Gordon Brown
August 2007 Bermuda Revisited
July 2007 Our Other Lakeside Home-July, 2007
June 2007 Priorities For The 21st Century
May 2007 Global Warming - The Issue Of Our Time - Part II
April 2007 Global Warming - The Issue Of Our Time. Part I
March 2007 Beyond American Empire - Part III
February 2007 Beyond American Empire - Part II
January 2007 Beyond American Empire - Part I
December 2006 Entrepreneurial Environmentalism
November 2006 The Urban Century
October 2006 Changing Direction in the War
On Terror
September 2006 A Glimpse of Utopia
July 2006 Objectively Speaking
June 2006 Time Is Running Out
May 2006 Bridging The Divide
April 2006 Intellectual Property in the Information Age
March 2006 Inside Ottawa
February 2006 Globalization Winner and Losers
January 2006 Seeking Common Ground
December 2005 The European Model
November 2005 The War on Terror
October 2005 Understanding Terrorism
September 2005 Africa
August 2005 London Diary
July 2005 Einstein’s World View
June 2005 Global Economics
May 2005 The United Nations in Transition
April 2005 China’s Century
March 2005 Might Two Worlds Yet Become One?
February 2005 Tsunami Reflections
January 2005 A Canadian Agenda
December 2004 A Second Term Agenda
November 2004 A European Perspective
October 2004 Respect for Diversity
September 2004 We Must Address World Poverty
August 2004 The Past, Present, and Future of Globalization
July 2004 Kyoto and World Governance
June 2004 Seeking Common Ground
May 2004 Copyright in the Information Age
April 2004 Celebrating Lakeside
March 2004 Democracy? It’s All in the Numbers
February 2004 Enhancing Security - a Checklist for 2004
January 2004 In Search Of A Just Peace
December 2003 A Christmas Message
November 2003 A New Prescription for a New Age
October 2003 Global Warming
September 2003 Homophobia on the Defensive
August 2003 Gender Equality
July 2003 In The Aftermath of War
June 2003 Tensions on America’s Borders
May 2003 Social and Economic Justice
April 2003 There Must Be a Better Way
March 2003 In the Name of Homeland Security?
February 2003 I am a Product of my Times
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THIS WORLD OF OURS By Bob Harwood   The Power Of Words   As Comforter in Chief, he honored the fallen, saluted
THIS WORLD of OURS By Bob Harwood Egypt At The Epicenter   Egypt was at the epicenter of a seismic shift in the earth’s geopolitical structure.
THIS WORLD OF OURS By Bob Harwood   People Power Goes Global   With Information Age, instant communication People Power has been unleashed at a
THIS WORLD of OURS By Bob Harwood America’s Day Of Reckoning   Tea Party successes brought a new libertarian voice on stage but also reflected anger
THIS WORLD of OURS By Bob Harwood Transitions In Global Leadership   The G20 was created to bring together finance ministers and central bank governors
Wordwise With Pithy Wit By Tom Clarkson   This morning, my pal F.T. – who shared the Iraq experience with me during my third trek there – forwarded
LAKESIDE LIVING Kay Davis Phone: 376 – 108 – 0278 (or 765 – 3676 to leave messages) Email: November
Front Row Center By Michael Warren    The Pajama Game By Richard Adler and Jerry Ross Directed by Peggy Lord Chilton Music directed
Every Word  Important By Herbert W. Piekow   Every word a writer writes has meaning yes, sometimes they never get published or the book
LEGERDEMAIN—Italian Style By Jim Rambologna   Enzio Grattani was the Editor-in-Chief of a local rivista (or magazine) in Ajiermo, Italy. Locals
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