Uncommon Common Sense
By Bill Frayer
September 2015  
August 2015 Politics of Hate
July 2015 Complexity and Ambiguity
June 2015 Intellectual Humility

May 2015 

Are We Headed for a Technological Dystopia?

April 2015

In God We Trust?

March 2015 

Je Suis Charlie? Not So Much

February 2015

Girls Are Leaving Boys Behind

January 2015

Gut Check for Progressives

December 2014

Distrust of the Intellectual

November 2014

FDR and Privacy

October 2014

Has the Enlightenment Faded?

September 2014

The Millennials Are Coming!

August 2014

The Paradox of Choice?

July 2014

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

June 2014

Medical Costs: Value over Volume

May 2014 

Fair Pay for Fair Work?

April 2014

Empowering Your Inner Introvert

March 2014

Failure Is Not What It Seems

February 2014

Public Assistance with Dignity?

January 2014

Less Austerity, More Airbags

December 2013

The Essential Nature of Doubt

November 2013

What’s Wrong with the United States?

October 2013

Emotional Intelligence

September 2013

Teach Our Children to Think

August 2013

What We Think We Know

July 2013

Living With Risk

May 2013

Is Coercive Paternalism Ever Justified?

April 2013

We Are Stuck In the Past

March 2013

What Are You Waiting For?

February 2013

Do You Doubt?

January 2013

Over-Diagnosis: Treating the Healthy?

December 2012

Thinking like a Simpleton

November 2012

In Defense of Slow

October 2012

Critical Thinking Is Subversive!

September 2012

The Future of Libraries

August 2012

The Gay Rights Evolution

July 2012

The Case for Literature

June 2012

What’s Happened to Conversation?

May 2012

What Does the Left Get Right?

April 2012

What Does the Right Get Right?

March 2012

Collaborative Consumption: Would It Work?

February 2012

Moneyball and Your Life

January 2012

Democracy in Crisis

December 2011

The Invisible Hamish Line

November 2011

Contemplating Our Final Chapter

October 2011

Can We Get Back to Civil, Thoughtful Dialogue?

September 2011

Reconsidering Marx

August 2011

The Difficulty of Prediction

July 2011

Mis-Estimation of Risk

June 2011

What You Know May Not Be Correct!

May 2011

A Simple Life

April 2011

Here’s Your Brain Online

March 2011

Is More Openness Always Better?

February 2011

Words and Violence

January 2011

Do You Strive for Happiness?

December 2010

The Hubris of Modernity

November 2010

Conditional Probability: Not So Simple

October 2010

The Sometimes Slippery Truth

September 2010

Why Do People Believe Weird Things?

August 2010

Ethical Thinking in the Real World

July 2010

The “Heinz Dilemma” and Ethical Development

June 2010

What’s Right? What’s Wrong? (Part 2)

May 2010

What’s Right? What’s Wrong?

April 2010

How to Have a Productive Debate

March 2010

Paradigm Pioneers

February 2010

Can You Look Outside Your Paradigms?

January 2010

We Are What We Assume

December 2009

The Devil Is in What We Take for Granted!

November 2009

Ambiguity and Democracy

October 2009

What You Think You Heard Me Say May Not Be Exactly What I Meant!

September 2009

Slow Down, Calm Down and…Think

August 2009

“When I was a Kid…”

July 2009

When Expert Opinion is Questionable

June 2009

It’s Easy to Identify a False Cause

May 2009

Black or White...or Maybe Gray?

April 2009

So Why Do We Reward Those Who Oversimplify?

March 2009

It’s Really Very Simple…Or Is It?

February 2009

Majority Rules…Or Do They?

January 2009

The Problem of Stereotypes

December 2008

Leapfrogging Past the Evidence

November 2008

When Should We Believe Statistics and Research?

October 2008

Where Is he Evidence?

September 2008

Can You Change Your Mind Easily?

August 2008

Ignorance: How Well Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

July 2008

How Do You Really Know if You Disagree?

June 2008

Socrates Teaches Us How to Question

May 2008

Asking the Right Questions

April 2008

Skepticism: What Should I Believe?

March 2008

Trust Your Gut?

February 2008

How Do You Think You Feel?

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