By Gudrun Jones

President/Co- Founder of the Lakeside Spay & Neuter Center


doberman-hungryI believe in God but I also believe in reincarnation; why else would my heart tremble when I see a beautiful sunset, why else would my soul yearn to be someplace that my mind does not remember but my heart knows I have been there before. Is this a past life memory?

I believe that we have to come back to earth until we get the living right. Maybe in one of my past lives I was cruel to animals and that is why now I feel so strongly about animal welfare and want to take away their suffering. I want to give them refuge, give safety to the abandoned, comfort the abused, heal the sick, and care for the old. Perhaps there will be a time when every companion animal can be shown true commitment, care, and compassion, making the vision of a world where all life is treasured a reality. Maybe some day all companion animals born can be a part of a caring forever home.

Animals are our responsibility and if you have one you know they don’t just speak to you with their hearts, eyes and soul—they speak to you with every single fiber of their being, shivering in fear, agonizingly hopeful to find shelter and safety.

Don’t laugh at me, let me just ponder…what if the last cycle on earth has to be lived as an animal… an animal who is pure at heart, and has all the qualities we humans strife for.

Maybe our treatment of these animals will determine how many more times we have to come back until we live this final life as an animal. Just wondering…But let me put a thought into your head…the next time you kick a dog, what if it is a friend or a loved one who has passed on and has come back for the final life cycle…just wondering.

The dog Ranch is in desperate need of repairs. Our wish list includes fencing, concrete bricks or any building material you can not use we can use. Dog houses, Grates, Buckets, anything that is dog-related. Of course we are always in need of funds and have a Charter membership program at $200 pesos a month. Also needed are Volunteers who will walk or brush dogs, teach them a few manners and have compassion and respect for all living things and are happy to be greeted with unbounded love and muddy paws. Volunteers are also needed for special event planning, open house at the Ranch, garage sales and a host of other things.

Presently the Spay & Neuter Ranch has a variety of healthy beautiful animals. Most of our dogs are large, but there are a few smaller ones. Thanks to our dedicated Volunteers they are leash trained and love to go for walks. The Ranch is located outside Chapala and has large runs shaded by trees. As wonderful as the Ranch is, I want more for these critters. I want a home for them, a person that they can call their own and never ending love. When they are gone I want them to live in someone’s memory.

For more information about the Ranch, adoption and volunteering call Gudrun Jones 766-3813 or Manna Wehmann 766-0780

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