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Day of the Dead in Ajijic!

"Forget wondering what life is really like in Mexico, read "El Ojo del Lago" and get a first hand look through the eyes of the largest English-speaking community living outside Canada and the U.S. today."



Mexico's Leading English Language Publication



  • A star-studded evening in Beverly Hills, California, when the guest of honor was the world-famous mime, the magical Marcel Marceau.





A review of a new book by Kelly Hayes-Raitt, a frequent contributor to our pages.






The Woman Who Walked Across America—A look back at the life of Helga Estby, who in dire straits accepted a challenge in 1896 made by a wealthy sponsor who promised to pay $10,000 to any woman who would walk across the entire United States. The journey did not end happily but is today the stuff of folk-lore.



A Certified Drug Prevention Specialist dispenses a great deal of common sense about a topic which because of the huge opioid crisis is more relevant than ever before.



The writer likens Mexican migrant workers to wild flower seeds, and in a lyrical way indicates why such workers are so essential to the agricultural industry in the United States.




The annual Feria Maestros del Arte will happen again on November 10 and 11 (10 am to 5 pm) and November 12 (10 am to 4 pm). It’s held at the Club  de Yates de Chapala.................





Annual Giving Campaign Update
The LCS is well into the 2017 Annual Giving Campaign which will wrap up December 31. LCS requires funding over and above that provided by dues, fees and special events, so the Annual Giving Campaign is vital to continuing our important role in the promoting the well-being of our members and the entire Lakeside community...................



Mid-Month Bonus


The Presentation

Rob Mohr’s metaphysical story is a charming fantasy that is sure to tempt our readers to look beyond the physical at what lies in the deep pools of their imagination.


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Editor’s Page Guest Editorial by Fred Mittag “Bring ‘Em Home, Send ‘Em To College”   Obama was methodical and wanted to hear all views
BRIDGE BY THE LAKE By Ken Masson   Herself and I consider ourselves fortunate to have made many new friends during our first four “snowbird”
UNCOMMON COMMON SENSE By Bill FrayerConditional Probability: Not So Simple   Last spring, Lakeside resident Charlie Smith sent me a New York Times
Joyful Musings By Joy Birnbach Dunstan, MA, LPC, MAC Eat to Live or Live to Eat?   We’re entering the holiday season, with its emphasis on social
Wondrous Wildlife By Vern and Lori Gieger Sea of Gold   It’s that time of year when many feel that familiar chill in the air, a change of season;
Wordwise With Pithy Wit By Tom Clarkson   This morning, my pal F.T. – who shared the Iraq experience with me during my third trek there – forwarded
LAKESIDE LIVING Kay Davis Phone: 376 – 108 – 0278 (or 765 – 3676 to leave messages) Email: November
Front Row Center By Michael Warren    The Pajama Game By Richard Adler and Jerry Ross Directed by Peggy Lord Chilton Music directed
Every Word  Important By Herbert W. Piekow   Every word a writer writes has meaning yes, sometimes they never get published or the book
LEGERDEMAIN—Italian Style By Jim Rambologna   Enzio Grattani was the Editor-in-Chief of a local rivista (or magazine) in Ajiermo, Italy. Locals