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Day of The Cross in Ajijic, Jalisco 
Hundreds of altars dress the unique Ajijic streets.

"Forget wondering what life is really like in Mexico, read "El Ojo del Lago" and get a first hand look through the eyes of the largest English-speaking community living outside Canada and the U.S. today."


Mexico's Leading English Language Publication


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  • Proving again that Canadians can laugh at themselves—unlike some other nationalities we could mention.





On the pros and cons of name-dropping. Strangely enough, there have been some famous people who made it respectable.




Which details the dangers whenever we tend to assume anything—and the author proves it with several comical instances.




A list of complaints received by a famous cruise-ship company, and the writer warns our readers about those who made such complaints because “They walk among us and they multiply.”




The second and last part of Transition is proof that often the most perceptive truths in a piece of fiction are the hardest on first reading to find.





The May Cultural Festival in Guadalajara this year has the participation of artists from France, Quebec, Germany, Mexico and Poland, and is offering from May 4 to 25 a total of 43 activities in more than 15 locations in the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara....................





A Message From LCS’ New President, Carole Wolffe
As we begin our 63rd year here at LCS all the great interactions and networking of our fellow members, staff and the community at large will be a challenge. Our differences at LCS create a wonderful landscape in moving forward with our interactive campus....................



Mid-Month Bonus


My Two Years as a Communist

My Two Years as a Communist is Mel Goldberg’s true account about his own experiences in the 50’s, during the time of the Communist Hysteria in the United States. The story might be fairly funny if it were not so frightening. One wonders if that black historical period might come again, though in another guise. 

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Every Word  Important By Herbert W. Piekow   Every word a writer writes has meaning yes, sometimes they never get published or the book
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