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 San Juan Cosala, Jalisco. 

A town filled with joy, color, and simply beautiful.

"Forget wondering what life is really like in Mexico, read "El Ojo del Lago" and get a first hand look through the eyes of the largest English-speaking community living outside Canada and the U.S. today."

Mexico's Leading English Language Publication


portada december2017CHARLOTTE’S WORLD WIDE WEB

About the huge influence the book Charlotte’s Web has had on children all over the world, and how its author E.B. White, also teamed up with his former college professor, William Strunk, to write The Elements of Style, a book  almost as important to writers as Web is to children. 






Remembering Tom Faloon, a long-time Lakeside resident whose gift for interior decorating graced many local homes, and whose compassionate nature helped many of the owners of those homes. 





A look at the life and career of local writer/poet Mel Goldberg, whose special talent is composing Haikus, an esoteric form of Japanese poetry.




All  about those would-be human beings who engage in cruelty to animals, all in the name of fun and profit.




All about La Llorona, who (given the situation at the Texas-Mexico border) has plenty these days about which to cry.





Sunday morning finds many Lakeside residents at the Lake Chapala Society and Open Circle, a forum on a variety of stimulating topics.....................





From The Desk of the Executive Director
LCS is an amazing place. Membership is up 17% from a year ago.......................



Mid-Month Bonus


Double Take

Double Take is Kelly Hayes-Raitt true story about a little girl she met in Iraq before the war, and what she found much later when she returned to Iraq after the war. The article has won several prestigious literary awards.


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Feathered Friends By John Keeling   The cattle egret is a medium-small white heron, eighteen inches long, having a wingspan of 36 inches. It can
AMIGOS DEL LAGO Courtesy of Eileen Collard   Lake Chapala was accepted as a member of the international Living Lakes organization in 2003 in recognition
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THE OJO INTERNET MAILBOX (Wherein we publish some comments about our previous issues.)   WELCOME TO MEXICO - JUNE 2011 * Wes I’ll buy that loose
Wordwise With Pithy Wit By Tom Clarkson   This morning, my pal F.T. – who shared the Iraq experience with me during my third trek there – forwarded
LAKESIDE LIVING Kay Davis Phone: 376 – 108 – 0278 (or 765 – 3676 to leave messages) Email: November
Front Row Center By Michael Warren    The Pajama Game By Richard Adler and Jerry Ross Directed by Peggy Lord Chilton Music directed
Every Word  Important By Herbert W. Piekow   Every word a writer writes has meaning yes, sometimes they never get published or the book
LEGERDEMAIN—Italian Style By Jim Rambologna   Enzio Grattani was the Editor-in-Chief of a local rivista (or magazine) in Ajiermo, Italy. Locals
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